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Soups--Soup of Steamed Shreds of Bamboo Shoot, Ham & Chicken

Ingredients: 20g done chicken breast slices without skin, 20g done ham slices, 40 done bamboo shoot slices, 100g done braised pork slices, dried mushroom (xianggu), delicious soup, refined salt, gourmet powder


  1. Put the water-expanded dried mushroom on the bottom of a bowl in the shape of a circle with the black side up. Distribute the ham slices into three rows in the bowl, and the bamboo shoot slices in two rows between the three ham slice rows. Place the chicken breast slices in another side. Put the braised pork slices in the center of the bowl and press them close.
  2. Add salt, gourmet powder and steam for 10 minutes. Place it in the center of a tureen, pour the delicious soup and serve.

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