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People take food as the first important thing. Among the four factors--dressing, eating, housing and going, eating occupies the first place. When the Chinese people meet each other and send their best regards, it's not "how do you do", "good morning". but "have you taken the meal?" Though it doesn't mean to invite somebody having a meal, but one can see how important the eating is. When the Chinese people offer a sacrifice to Heaven and ancestor, asking the God and paying tribute to the Buddha, they all prepare three kinds of animals to pay their respectfulness, so one can see the most important respect is also eating. Once the Catholics take up the rice bowl, they must first mark with crosses and murmur Amen to thank the God, but they have no such expression when they put on the dress.

In the epoch and district of backward economic life, most people eat only for appeasing their hungers and dress only for sheltering their bodies, it's not a kind of enjoyment. But following the development of the society, the other cultures develop, the Chinese eating has been abundant and developed, and gradually formed eight food series -- Sichuan, Guangdong, Shandong, Hunan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Fujian. Shanghai food couldn't take a place in the past history. But since nearly 100 years, the economic development of Shanghai has walked ahead in China, also it's half of the Chinese culture, so following this point, the eating culture of Shanghai has also developed, and become the delicious food center of China.

The eight food series of China have many traditional famous dishes. In contemporary Shanghai, owing to the concentration of industrial, commercial and culture personages added with interior and exterior interflow and widespread adoption, just like the economy of Shanghai, the eating culture of Shanghai becomes the hub of domestic and foreign delicious food culture, various cliques and schools all set up many food shops in Shanghai. If one wants to eat the nationwide famous dishes, you don't have to travel through various provinces, only need to go to Shanghai. Shanghai people have the nicest gourmet's luck. Not only in the restaurants and family dining tables absorb and converge the elite of delicious food culture of various places, but also can taste the famous dishes of various places in China from many special restaurants, such as Sichuan Restaurant's "hot taste rice crust", Laobanzhai's "Yangzhou lion head shaped meat ball", Zhiweiguan's "West Lake fish with vinegar", Yueyanglou's "Hunan three cups chicken", Minjiang Restaurant's "Fujian Buddha jumping the wall", Xincheng Restaurant's "Sichuan three in one mashed dish", Yangzhou Restaurant's "Zhenjiang Yao Meat(cold meat cube)", and also Xinya's Cantonese dishes, Yanyunlou's Beijing dishes, Zhuangyuanlou's Ningbo dishes, etc. In the recent years, there are a great quantity of Cantonese restaurants and Sichuan restaurants opened all over the whole city. Speaking from the single item, each clique has its own delicious dishes, and there are variety of species for each dish series, but different provinces only take their own dishes as the main dishes, only Shanghai concentrates all the dish series of the whole country. Hence if we take the total group marks, the taste of Shanghai dishes is the best, the species of Shanghai dishes is the most, and the gourmet's luck of Shanghai people is also the best.

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