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Famous dishes in Shanghai

Soups--Steamed Black Bean Curd in A Casserole

Ingredients: 2 black bean curds, 75g pork sauce, 6 ham slices, scallion shreds, red pepper shreds, coriander, soy, sugar, chicken essence, salt, high stock

Recipe: knife each bean curd into two. Put the two black bean curds in a casserole in symmetry and place the paste-coated pork sauce in between. Put 6 ham slices on the pork sauce. Add high stock in the casserole and add soy, salt, chicken essence and sugar in the high stock. Steam it for 15 minutes till bubbles appear. Take out. Dust scallion shreds, red pepper shreds on it. Pour on some done oil. Place the coriander on it. When serving, bring to a boil over a spirit stove.

Recommended restaurant:Xian Qiang Fang Hong Qiao Hotel

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