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Famous dishes in Shanghai

Soups--Braised Yellow Croaker and Shepherd's Purse

Ingredients: 750g fresh yellow croaker, 150g shepherd's purse, 25g water-expanded dried mushrooms (xianggu), salt, gourmet powder, pepper, oil, chives, ginger, rice wine, starch, egg white, high stock


  1. Clean the yellow croaker. Remove the bones and the head and slice the croaker meat. Coat the yellow croaker slices with the mixture of salt, juice of ginger and chives, rice wine, starch and egg white. Clean the shepherd's purse and scald in boiling water. Shred it after removing the water. Clean and slice the dried mushrooms (xianggu).
  2. Make the yellow croaker slices cross the half done oil. Remove after they are done. Put high stock in the wok and add salt, gourmet powder, pepper, dried mushrooms (xianggu) and the yellow croaker's skin. Braise till done. Make a paste with starch. Put in shredded shepherd's purse and stir to mix them up. Pour on some done oil. Remove and serve.

Recommended restaurant:Hui Heng Xin Ya Restaurant

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