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Chinese Style Refreshments--Shanghai Fried Dumplings (Shengjian)

Ingredients: 140g fine flour, 200g streaky pork, 160g pork skin, sesame, oil, refined salt, gourmet powder, butter, granulated sugar, chives, 5g yeast powder


  1. Scald the pork skin in boiling water. Cook it in a wok till well done (water: pork skin 1:3). Pulp the pigskin in a meat pulper. Cook the pigskin and pork skin together till pork skin becomes a paste. Let cool down into a jelly.
  2. Remove the skin from the streaky pork and pulp the meat. Add salt, gourmet powder, sugar, water, wine, and pork skin jelly in turn and mix them well to make a filling. Add salt, water, and yeast powder to the fine flour to make dough. Make small balls of about 20g each and put 30g filling in each ball. Coat them with sesame and put them on a pan. Add some oil and water. Fry till the bottoms are golden. Dust on some chives. Remove and serve.

Recommended restaurant:Shanghai City Restaurant

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