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Famous dishes in Shanghai

Chinese Style Refreshments--Steamed Green Vegetables-Filled Dumplings (Jiaozi)

Ingredients: 50g flour, 100g cabbages, 50g dried mushrooms£¨xianggu£©, gourmet powder, refined salt, white granulated sugar, leaf fat

Recipe: mix the flour with water well to make dough. Roll out the dough into flat circles with a rolling pole. Clean the cabbages. Scald them in boiling water till done. Shred them and drain off water. Shred the dried mushrooms. Mix the shredded cabbages, mushrooms, gourmet powder, salt, sugar and leaf fat well to make a filling. Add the filling on the flour circles and pinch the edges to make crescent-shaped dumplings. Steam in a food steamer for 5 minutes. Remove and serve.

Recommended restaurant:Shanghai Ren Jia Restaurant

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