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Famous dishes in Shanghai

Chinese Style Refreshments--Steamed Cakes of Five Colors

Ingredients: 2,000g rice powder (30% glutinous rice power and 70% round-grained rice powder), 200g powdered black sesame, 800g white granulated sugar, 250g glutinous rice powder, green wheat juice (green), lotus seed juice (white), pine pollen(yellow), rose sauce (red), cocoa powder (coffee), add some rice powder to these five fragrant materials respectively to make five coloring slurries

Recipe: surface the steamer with a layer of rice powder. Place black sesame in the center. Cover the sesame with the rice powder. Sprinkle on the coloring slurry (one steamer, one coloring slurry). Dust on some sugar, shelled melon seeds, black and white sesame. Steam for 15-20 minutes. Take out and knife into diamond-shaped pieces. stick small flags£¨emblem of being auspicious£©in the cakes and arrange them in a box.

Recommended restaurant:Wu Fang Zhai Restaurant

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