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Famous dishes in Shanghai

Chinese Style Refreshments--Butter Peanuts Cakes

Ingredients: peanuts (shelled but membrane remained), vegetable butter, powdered white sugar, fine flour, fennels, salt


  1. Saut¨¦ the peanuts with salt over an intermediate fire. Remove when they are done and pleasant smell appears. Remove the membranes and let cool down. Make them into grains by a disintegrator.
  2. Saut¨¦ the flour with fennels over a weak fire till it is fragrant. Put it in a dish. Remove the fennels and let the flour cool down.
  3. Put the butter in a container and add the done flour, peanuts and sugar. Stir to mix them up. Put moulds of various patterns in the mixture and press them tightly. Take out the cakes out of the moulds and serve.

Recommended restaurant:De Xing Guan Restaurant

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