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Chinese Style Refreshments--Luohan (Arhat) Vegetarian Noodles

Ingredients: 3 ginkgoes, 3 straw mushrooms, 3 mushrooms, 20g dried bean milk rolls, 20g gluten, 20g dried mushrooms (xianggu), black fungusŁ¬bamboo shoots pieces, carrot shreds, 150g cut noodles, oil, soy, refined salt, gourmet powder, sugar, sesame oil, peppery-hot soup


  1. Marinate the gluten and dried bean milk rolls in water. Cut the dried bean milk into segments. Knife all the mushrooms into pieces. Heat the oil till hot and saut¨¦ the materials in it. Add the soup and the seasonings. When it is done, make a paste and pour on some sesame oil.
  2. Put peppery-hot soup in another bowl. Cook noodles in boiling water till done. Put the noodles in the bowl and pour on the paste made in step 1.

Recommended restaurant:Cang Lang Ting Restaurant

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