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Chinese Style Refreshments--Fried Eel Pieces With Crab Ovum & Shrimp Meat

Ingredients: 25g crabmeat and crab ovum, 25g river shrimp meat, 25 eel pieces, oil, refined salt, gourmet powder, Shaoxing wine, water chestnut powder, egg white, bittern


  1. Cut eel into pieces 5 cm long. Put oil in the wok and heat till almost done. Fry the eel pieces till bubbles appear. Drain off oil in a perforated ladle
  2. Saut¨¦ chives, ginger shreds in oil. Put in eel pieces and seasonings and braise for 1 minute. Add some gourmet powder and put them in a serving dish. Make the paste-coated shrimp meat cross the oil till done. Put it on the eel pieces.
  3. Fry crabmeat and crab ovum for 5-6 seconds. Stop for a while. Fry again for 3-4 seconds. Add the seasonings and braise for about 1 minute. Pour on some rice vinegar and oil. Turn it over and put it on the done shrimp meat.

Recommended restaurant:De Xing Guan Restaurant

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