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Famous dishes in Shanghai

Poultry Dishes--Roast Frozen Duck

Ingredients: 1 crammed duck (>2,250g), scallions, cucumber, powdered sugar, thin wheat cakes, dried lobster slices, red dates, maltose, rice vinegar, bright red Zhejiang vinegar, sweet sauce, oil, fennels.


  1. Put the duck in boiling water to scald the surface. Put it in cold water. Remove and drain off water. Mix the maltose, rice vinegar and bright red Zhejiang vinegar till the maltose melt. Pour it on the duck. Dry off.
  2. Put red dates and fennels in the duck abdomen. Freeze the duck in the refrigerator for a night. Take out and roast it in an oven with a strong fire till it is oily and shinny.
  3. Place the cooked dried lobster slices in a serving dish. Put the sliced duck on them. While dining, get ready a dish of sweet sauce, a dish of chopped scallions, a dish of cucumber threads, a dish of powdered sugar and a dish of thin wheat cakes.

Recommended restaurant:Jin Chen Hotel

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