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Famous dishes in Shanghai

Poultry Dishes--Spicy Fragrant Chicken Wings

Ingredients: 250g chicken wings, shelled peanuts, oil, salt, gourmet powder, sugar, egg, pepper, prickly ash, hot red chili oil, Shaoxing wine, preserved bean curd gravy, water chestnut powder


  1. Chop chicken wings into small pieces. Pickle for a while in the mixture of salt, gourmet powder, sugar, Shaoxing wine, pepper, egg, preserved bean curd gravy and water chestnut powder.
  2. Make the shelled peanuts cross the warm oil till done. Put the pickled chicken wings in the heated oil and fry till golden. Take out and put in a wok, add the done shelled peanuts, prickly ash grains and red-hot chili oil. Stir them quickly and briefly. Remove and serve.

Recommended restaurant:Merrylin Restaurant

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