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Famous dishes in Shanghai

Pork Dishes--Steamed Streaky Pork with Glutinous Rice

Ingredients: 250g streaky pork, glutinous rice, chives, ginger juice, Shaoxing wine, seafood sauce, white sugar, oyster sauce, oil


  1. Clean and steam the glutinous rice till done. Wash and scald the streaky pork. Braise it with chives, ginger slices and Shaoxing wine in a stockpot till done.
  2. Take out the pork, shape it into a square, and knife it into 9 equal-sized pieces. Pickle them in the mixture of chives, ginger and Shaoxing wine. Mix the seafood sauce, white sugar, oyster sauce and coat the pork pieces with the mixture. Place the pork pieces in a bowl with the skins downside.
  3. Mix the steamed glutinous rice with water, oil and the seasonings and arrange them around the pork equably. Press tight and steam for about 4 hours in a food steamer. After it is well done, place them in a serving dish with upside down.

Recommended restaurant:Heng Shan Hotel

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