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Famous dishes in Shanghai

Pork Dishes--Steamed Bacon and Baiye (thin dried pieces of bean curd)

Ingredients: salt pig's leg meat, 3 daos thin baiye (about 3 hundred sheets), Shaoxing wine, gourmet powder, chive ties, ginger, salt


  1. Clean the baiye and make into rolls. Put them on a plate and marinate in water for several hours.
  2. Clean the salt pork. Braise till done and cool down.
  3. Cut a baiye roll into segments and place in the center of a bowl. Slice the salt pork and put them in the bowl. Place the other rolls in the bowl in order. Add some salt, gourmet powder and delicious soup and steam for about 15 minutes. Place the steamed pork slices and baiye on a serving plate with upside down. Dust some chives and ginger slices and pour heated oil on them.

Recommended restaurant:Hua De Restaurant

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