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Others--Braised Shreds of White Bean Curd, Chicken, Ham and Prawn Meat

Ingredients: 400g white dried bean curdŁ¬prawn meat, chicken breast, egg white, bean seedlings, ham shreds, stock, salt, gourmet powder, water chestnut powder, Shaoxing wine, pork fat


  1. Knife the white dried bean curd into thin pieces and shred them into slim threads. Scald in boiling water for 3 times to remove the unpleasant smell. Remove and drain off water. Remove the tendons from the chicken breast and knife into threads. Clean the prawn meat and drain off water. Put the prawn meat and chicken threads into bowls respectively and stir them with salt. Put water chestnut powder in the egg white and make a paste. Pour the paste in the prawn meat and chicken threads and stir to coat them.
  2. Put pork fat in the heated wok. When the oil is half done, make the chicken threads and prawn meat cross the oil till done respectively. Remove. Put stock, Shaoxing wine, white dried bean curd threads in the wok and braise till well done. Put in bean seedlings, salt and gourmet powder. Concentrate the gravy with a strong fire. Take out and put in a tureen. Place chicken threads, prawn meat and ham shreds on the bean curd threads in turn.

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