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Others--Babao (Eight-Treasure) Chili Sauce

Ingredients: 50g bean curd shreds, 50g chicken breast slices, done duck gizzard dices, 30g done pig stomach dices, 25g shelled peanuts, 25g dried shrimp colloids, 15 green pepper shreds, 5g chili sauce, 30g seafood sauce, sugar, gourmet powder, dark soy, rice wine, salad oil, ginger shreds, mashed garlic, egg white, water chestnut powder


  1. Fry the bean curd shreds till they look golden. Add egg white, salt, gourmet powder, sugar, and water chestnut powder to dried shrimp colloids to make a paste. So do with the chicken breast slices.
  2. Cross the chicken breast slices, pig stomach dices and duck gizzard dices in the heated oil. Remove. Saut¨¦ mashed garlic, ginger shreds, chili sauce and seafood sauce till they smell pleasantly, add rice wine, and then put in the bean curd shreds, chicken breast dices, pig stomach dices, duck gizzard dices. Braise with dark soy, sugar and gourmet powder for 1 minute or so. Put in shelled peanuts and starch to make a paste. Pour on chili oil. Take out and place in a serving plate.
  3. Cross the dried shrimp colloids and green pepper shreds in heated oil till done. Pour them on the chili sauce made above.

Recommended restaurant:Mao Tai Restaurant

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