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Others--Stewed and Steamed Abalone Slices

Ingredients: 4 dried mushrooms (150g), 200g chopped fresh tender asparagus, Shaoxing wine, sugar, refined salt, gourmet powder, abalone juice, straw mushroom, dark soy, oil, water chestnut powder, chicken broth, high stock


  1. Expand the dried mushrooms with warm water thoroughly. Remove the roots and clean them. Put them in a bowl and add chicken broth. Steam till well done. Take out from the bowl and put in a casserole. Add high stock, straw mushrooms, dark soy, sugar, refined salt, abalone juice, Shaoxing wine. Simmer over a weak fire till nearly mashed.
  2. Slice the simmered dried mushrooms into abalone slices-shaped pieces and put them in a big bowl with upside down. Add the gravy, gourmet powder and steam till well done. Remove and put the gravy in the wok. Place the dried mushroom slices in a serving dish. Put watered water chestnut powder in the thick gravy. Concentrate it and pour on the dried mushrooms slices.
  3. Put oil, fresh asparagus, refined salt, gourmet powder and chicken broth in another wok and saut¨¦ till well done. Take out and circle the dried mushroom slices and the gravy.

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