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Fish & Seafood Dishes--Stewed Black Sea Cucumber and Steamed Pig Shank

Ingredients: 400g pig shank, 300g water-expanded black sea cucumber, oil, dark soy, light soy, white sugar, gourmet powder, pepper, gravy, chive oil


  1. Knife the oil-crossed pig shank and black sea cucumber into pieces 5 cm long and 1.5 cm wide. Arrange the pig shank slices in a serving dish in order and steam with a weak fire.
  2. Scald the black sea cucumber pieces in boiling water. Make them cross the hot oil and remove the oil. Put gravy, light soy, dark soy, sugar and pepper in the wok and braise with a strong fire till done. Put in black sea cucumber pieces and stew for 15 minutes over a weak fire. Add gourmet powder and make a paste over a strong fire. Pour on chive oil. Take out and put on the pig shank.

Recommended restaurant:Nanjing Restaurant

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