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Famous dishes in Shanghai

Fish & Seafood Dishes--Braised Pricky Sea Cucumber

Ingredients: water-expanded pricky sea cucumber (about 150g), dried mushrooms, broccoli, scallions, dark soy, refined salt, sugar, water chestnut powder, gourmet powder, 3-taste oil (oil made from chives, ginger, prickly ash, chicken fat, pig lard, salad oil), high stock, pepper, oil


  1. Expand the dried mushrooms and steam with high stock till done. Cook the broccoli till done.
  2. Make water-expanded pricky sea cucumber cross the hot oil. Take out and saut¨¦ scallions in it till fragrant. Add high stock and pricky sea cucumbers. Put it dark soy, salt, gourmet powder and pepper. When it is done, make a paste and pour on 3-taste oil. Place in a serving dish. Circle with cooked dried mushrooms (xianggu) and broccoli.

Recommended restaurant:Rainbow Hotel

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