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Fish & Seafood Dishes--Braised & Stewed Bullhead

Ingredients: 600g bullhead, oil, soy, refined salt, gourmet powder, Shaoxing wine, sugar


  1. knife the bullhead into tile-shaped pieces 6¢ª6 cm. Clean and drain.
  2. Put 100g oil in a heated wok. Put in bullhead pieces. Add 30g rice wine, 10g chopped scallions and 3g ginger. Stir and saut¨¦. Put in 500g soup and cover the wok. Stew for 7 minutes with a medium fire.
  3. When the bullhead meat is soft and tender, add refined salt and soy. Simmer over a low heat to season the bullhead meat. When the soup thickens, add gourmet powder. Make a paste and pour on some done oil on it. Remove and serve.

Recommended restaurant:De Xing Guan Restaurant

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