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Fish & Seafood Dishes--Saut¨¦ed Silver Carp Head in a Casserole

Ingredients: 1,500g silver carp head, 50g bamboo shoots shreds, 25g black fungi, 50g preserved plum shreds, 500g starch sheets, refined oil, lard, dark soy, Shaoxing wine, sugar, gourmet powder, Sichuan broad bean sauce, ginger, garlic mousse, green garlic, cardamoms


  1. Fry the silver carp head till the both sides turn yellow and half done. Remove.
  2. Leave little oil in the wok. Saut¨¦ ginger, garlic mousse and Sichuan broad bean sauce in it till gravy appears. Add bamboo shoot shreds, preserved plum shreds and black fungi in turn. Stir-fry briefly. Put in the silver carp head, Shaoxing wine, dark soy, sugar, cardamoms, lard and stock. Braise for half an hour over a strong fire. Finally put in starch sheets and gourmet powder. Put in a casserole. Place green garlic on them and serve.

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