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  • Beginning tomorrow, the city government will launch 18 upgraded Websites containing information about government policies and plans and other news of interest to local residents.
    The sites are a major part of the city's Provisions on Openness of Government Information issued by Mayor Han Zheng early this year.Fifteen of the sites are sponsored by the municipality, with the other three run by the districts of Zhabei, Xuhui and Songjiang respectively.
    The upgraded Websites will offer information that has never been made public before on issues such as economic policies, traffic situation and urban planning, local officials said.--4/30/2004

  • The foreign direct investment fund association was established in Shanghai yesterday evening, the first of its kind in China, as part of the city's move to open new channels to attract foreign investment.
    Shanghai Vice Mayor Zhou Yupeng attended the foundation ceremony and unveiled the name-plate of the association.
    The association is an unprofitable local social community made up of foreign funds companies, overseas investment firms, relevant professional service institutes, professionals and investment promotion institutes that make direct investment in Shanghai or are inclined to invest in the city. The association currently has 30 members, with 70 percent foreign direct investment funds companies.--4/27/2004

  • Nearly 50 foreigners were authorized each day to work in the city during the first quarter this year, according to figures released by the labor and social security bureau.The bureau granted work permits to 2,954 foreigners in the first three months of this year, a 25 percent rise from the same period in 2003.
    A strong majority, or 74.7 percent, were employed by foreign-funded firms based in the city. Another 12.2 percent worked in Shanghai liaison offices of transnational companies and the rest were employed by local enterprises, schools or other institutions.
    As China's economy continues to prosper, a growing number of foreigners have opted to work and live in China.--4/27/2004

  • In addition to the ban on transfer of unfinished apartments, local government will take measures in five other areas to ensure the healthy development of Shanghai's housing market, government spokesperson Jiao Yang said on April 20 press conference.
    The measures include increasing the land supply for housing projects, improving the housing industry structure, perfecting the housing trade regulations and establishing a market information system as well as setting up a social housing security system. --4/26/2004

  • About 230 business people, officials and scholars gathered in Shanghai Saturday night for the focus of "China factor" in Asian economic growth and cooperation.
    On the sideline of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), the Asian-pacific Business Forum aims to strengthen regional economic cooperation and promote common development.
    Participants will discuss topics concerning Asia-Pacific economic development, financial cooperation in the region and the influence China has brought about in recent years.--4/25/2004

  • Locals will have easier access to historical archives and government documents that used to be kept in pigeonholes away from public sight, as a new archives museum opens on April 23 at the Pujiang Building near the Bund.The six-story museum houses over 800,000 archives dating back to 1843.
    The first through fourth floors will house display halls featuring an exhibition titled "City Memory - Archives of Shanghai's Development in Modern Times."Visitors may see old newspapers, advertising posters, government notices and internally circulating official documents, all of which are categorized chronologically.
    The fifth and sixth floors are the public service center where visitors can search for wanted information in four reading rooms and sit and have a rest in a Net cafe.Residents can also watch copies of classic movies and documentaries at the museum.
    Even the Pujiang Building in which the museum is located is a living portrait of the city's history. It was built in 1937 and originally housed the French Post Liner Corporation. --4/23/2004

  • In addition to the ban on transfer of unfinished apartments, local government will take measures in five other areas to ensure the healthy development of Shanghai's housing market, government spokesperson Jiao Yang said on April 20 press conference.
    The measures include increasing the land supply for housing projects, improving the housing industry structure, perfecting the housing trade regulations and establishing a market information system as well as setting up a social housing security system.--4/22/2004

  • Prices for Shanghai villas are rising almost twice as fast as apartment prices.In comparison, apartments in the neighboring area have been stable for several months.
    Shanghai residents' purchasing power has failed to match the surging villa prices. Only 37 percent of villa buyers are Shanghai residents. For luxury projects, the percentage is much lower.
    Shanghai's new villa supply is mainly in the districts of Minhang, Qingpu, Songjiang, Pudong and Nanhui. The villas in the five districts accounted for 85 percent of the city's total.--4/20/2004

  • China launched its largest scale railway speed increase Sunday, with the speeds of its major lines raised to 160 kilometers per hour, cutting the travel time between Beijing and Shanghai, the two largest cities in China, to a half day.
    Running from Beijing to Shanghai, the fastest direct express train only takes 11 hours and 58 minutes, two hours less than the former 14 hours, said an official with the Chinese Ministry of Railways.
    Amid the speed increase, three new pairs of direct express train have been added to the Beijing-Shanghai route, with the total direct express trains increased to eight pairs. It is believed that the transport pressure on the busiest Chinese railway line will be alleviated, said the official. --4/19/2004

  • Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Shen Guofang said here Sunday that China has prepared well for the upcoming 60th session of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) of the United Nations.
    At a press conference held here, Shen said delegates from 62 ESCAP members or semi-members are scheduled to discuss social and economic development in the region, poverty relief, globalization and other issues of common concern.
    Shen expected that there might be a Shanghai Declaration and other documents approved by the session, to be held from April 22 to 28. --4/18/2004

  • The city government has decided to enlarge the planned site of the World Expo 2010 from the original 5.4 square kilometers to some 6.68 square kilometers, mostly in Pudong, a city official announced yesterday.--4/16/2004

  • The city government kicked off a major project yesterday to renovate seven signature buildings along a northern section of the Bund to make the buildings fit in more harmoniously with their surroundings.
    From north to south, the seven buildings include Jinyan Mansion, Guangming Mansion, Dongfang Restaurant and New Bund Mansion. All of the buildings are situated along a 450-meter-long section of the Huangpu River from Yan'an Road to Xinkaihe Road.The whole project is expected to be completed by early next year.This project is part of the city's scheme to improve the landscape along the Huangpu River.
    According to the local Urban Planning Authority, the city will develop all land within 50 meters of the Huangpu River into various "public venues" instead of leasing it to private real estate developers.--4/15/2004

  • Two laser and musical fireworks performances will be exhibited on the evenings of May 1 and 4 in Huangxing Park in Yangpu District, the Shanghai Tourism Administrative Committee and Yangpu District government said yesterday.--4/14/2004

  • An annual volunteer recruiting campaign calling on local university graduates to work in the country's under-developed western regions was launched yesterday by the Shanghai Committee of the Chinese Youth League.
    The program will recruit 10,000 volunteers nationwide, mainly recent university graduates, this year to work in 12 western regions as medical workers, teachers and social workers for one or two years.
    It is the second large-scale volunteer recruitment in the city since the plan was kicked off last year, league officials said.--4/13/2004

  • The fourth Shanghai International Flower Festival revealed its full splendor yesterday at Changfeng Park in Putuo District as an around 40,000 people attended on opening day.
    The biennial event features more than a million exotic flowers and rare herbs from 10 countries and regions. The flora will be on display through April 18 in the northwestern district.
    The sponsors, Shanghai Tourism Administrative Commission and the Shanghai Greenery Administration Bureau, have set up a gardening area of about 380,000 square meters and 20 exhibition halls which embrace both rare flowers and other garden arts, such as root carvings, ikebana and potted plants.--4/10/2004

  • China's first Formula One car racing track is nearing completion in Shanghai.After 18 months of work, local builders said yesterday the track, in the city's northwestern suburbs, was all but ready to host the country's first Grand Prix late in September.
    They are yet to add another two layers of asphalt on the track, work on green planting, get interior decoration done and install electronic display and calculation systems.
    All the works are scheduled for completion by the end of May when officials from Federation Internationale De L'Automobile - motor sport's governing body - will inspect the facility.--4/9/2004

  • By May 1, the city government will launch an upgraded municipal Website to make government work more transparent, with all the government departments needed to release information to the public in an initiative way, municipal spokesperson Jiao Yang said at yesterday's regular press conference.
    The new Website will highlight the transparency of 15 government departments that have close relationship with residents' lives, including education, human resources, real estate, water resources, quality and technical supervision, construction, planning, industrial and commercial administration, public security, foreign economics and trade, public health, labor security, civil affairs, finance and urban planning. --4/8/2004

  • The Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone is the most intensely invested area in China, with more than US$20 billion asset in the 1.7-square meter zone, according to a recent report on the development of the zone from 1990 to 2003.
    The 146 domestic or overseas banks, financial institutes and insurance companies significantly contribute to the capital intensity of the area. Total capital of the 62 foreign-funded financial institutes amount to 220 billion yuan, more than half of the added-up capital of all overseas financial institutes around China. --4/5/2004

  • Unemployed people in the city have more than 300 options to chose from if they decide to start their own company, and district governments are offering entrepreneurs subsidies and help getting bank loans, local officials said at a job and franchising fair on April 3.
    Visitors to the fair who were looking to start up their own business had 316 options to chose from, including 270 franchising opportunities and 46 cooperatives looking for new investors.--4/5/2004

  • According to a survey, office rents rose faster in Shanghai than anywhere else in Asia last year.The rise in Shanghai was the third fastest in the world, the survey by real estate consultant Cushman & Wakefield found.Rising 9.7 percent last year, Shanghai's annual occupancy cost was reported at 2,878 yuan (US$347.70) a square meter, ranking 29th in the world, Cushman & Wakefield said yesterday.
    Shanghai became the most expensive city on China's mainland in 2003 although it still ranks far behind Hong Kong, which ranked 17th in the world.
    The blistering economic growth on the Chinese mainland and the relaxation of business restrictions under the WTO arrangement will continue to attract large multinational corporations to China, particularly Shanghai.--4/3/2004

  • To help the city's burgeoning part-time and freelance job markets develop properly, the Shanghai Labor and Social Security Bureau released a set of payment guidelines for 54 jobs yesterday. Employers don't have to follow the payment guidelines, but they can use them to help determine an appropriate wage for part-time workers.
    The list includes a large sample of jobs that students, artists and performers commonly take on a part-time or freelance basis, such as housekeeping, translation and interpretation, tutoring and perfomancing in bars or cafes.--4/2/2004



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