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  • During the Spring Festival Chinese traditional costumes have become very trendy, attributed partly to the recent Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Shanghai. --2/27/2002

  • Shanghai is confident that it will make a profit of more than 9 billion ;yuan ($110 million) if it hosts the 2010 World Expo. --2/27/2002

  • More and more Shanghainese are choosing to pay for products and services by credit card rather than cash. The volume of business via the visa card issued by the Bank of Chian reached 56 million yuan ($6.76 million) during the holiday week, up 120 per cent compared on the same period of last year. --2/27/2002

  • Between February 9 and 14, Shanghai's 210 leading retailers rang up sales worth 2.03 billion yuan ($244.5 million) at their 2,000 outlets, an increase of 12.4 per cent over the same period last year. --2/27/2002

  • Shanghai will open up a comprehensive riverfront development programme to influential overseas developers. The development programme involves 1,330 hectares of area between Yangpu Bridge and Nanpu Bridge spanning over the Huangpu river. --2/27/2002

  • The China Insurance Regulatory Commission Shanghai office reported that premiums in the city's insurance industry jumped 42 per cent last year over 2000 to 18 billion yuan ($2.17 billion). The premiums accounted for 3.64 per cent of Shanghai's gross domestic product, compared with 2.8 per cent in 2000. --2/27/2002

  • Shanghai travel agencies are exploring possible joint ventures with foreign partners following the municipal government's announcement to open up the market to European, American and Japanese investors. Foreign companies can now set up share-holding joint-venture agencies, and sole ownership will conditions. --2/27/2002

  • China Eastern Airlines president Ye Yigan said preparations are underway for China Norhtwest Airlines and Yunnan Airlines to merge. The new company will buy 30 to 50 Airbus planes within three years. China Eastern will become one of the country's three biggest aviation groups approved by the State Council.--2/7/2002

  • Shanghai is building a 6-square-kilometre industrial park in Jiading County mainly for Taiwanese-invested ventures. The city will launch another Taiwanese industrial park in Songjiang District before the end of the year. The two industrial parks are part of the city's plan to boost the tide of Taiwanese investment.--2/7/2002

  • Shanghai plans to export $29 billion worth of products this year. The figure represents a rise of 5 per cent from 2001. The slowdown of the world's economy dampened the foreign trade sector in Shanghai last December.--2/7/2002

  • Foreign students studying in Shanghai now outnumber local Chinese students studying abroad. A total of 6,300 students from 113 countries are attending 24 local colleges and universities, majoring in more than 200 subjects including culture, science, medicine, engineering and arts.--2/7/2002

  • Shanghai will invest $70 million overseas this year, according to a local foreign trade official. The city would be starting up more new businesses in developed countries and setting up a group of research and development and design centers focusing on light industrial products, textiles, machinery and home appliances.--2/7/2002

  • The city's largest Sino-foreign joint venture tourism project, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium opens February 7 as a major entertainment facility for local residents. It has eight zones, able to display a total of more than 10,000 precious fish.--2/7/2002

  • Many Shanghai residents are continuing to buck tradition this year, holding their Chinese New Year's Eve dinner at restaurants and leaving the city to enjoy travel. Besides traditional Chinese cuisine, some locals have begun to introduce novel items for this family reunion dinner, such as Western food, hot pots and grilled meat.--2/7/2002

  • Shanghai residents are also eager to depart the city for various travel destinations this year. The most popular journeys include trips south to enjoy the warmer climate, northern excursions for skiing and skating, as well as trips abroad to experience new cultures.--2/7/2002



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