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Yangpu District

Lies in the northeast of the center of Shanghai City, Yangpu District is the biggest district in the center of the Shanghai City with an area of 60.61 square meters and the biggest residential quarters with a permanent resident population of 1,240,000. Yangpu Bridge, which is inscribed by Deng Xiaoping, with 203 roads enhances the convenience of the transportation in the district which has over 100 research institutes and 15 full-time institutions of higher education such as Fudan University and Tongji University and so on.

  • Jiangwan Sports Amusement Park

    Located at 245 Songhu Road in Yangpu District, Jiangwan Sports Amusement Park is a large full-facilitated amusement center and covers 25.4 hectares with Jiangwan Stadium included. It is rich in facilities for recreation. The circumfluence swimming pool is the biggest one in China and 4,000 swimmers can enjoy it each time. Besides the tourists can enjoy the large pulleys introduced from Japan as well as the spherical screened movies. 4 warplanes placed in the square of the park are helpful for the visitors to learn something about planes.

  • Gongqing (the Communist Youth) Forestry Park

    At 2000 Jungong Road in Yangpu District, Gongqing Forestry Park is the biggest forestry park in Shanghai City. It was formerly known as Gongqing Nursery and was renamed Forestry Park in 1986 and since then it has been open to the tourists. It consists of three parts with the forest part in the east, the water part in the middle and the mountain part in the west. In addition to numerous entertainment items and programs, there are more than 300,000 trees of over 90 species in the park.


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