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Nanhui District

Nanhui is an important industrial and agricultural area as well as a port city and a tourist attraction. The development of Pudong brings a good opportunity to the economic development of Nanhui, which has become a hot investment spot of the century. Nanhui enjoys three unique advantages: the desirable location and policy, the convenient land, water and air communication and the rich natural resources. It is on the way to be the "South Gate of Pudong" and the "Back Garden of Shanghai".

  • Taoyuan Folk-Custom Village

    Set up in Chengbei Village of Huinan County in Nanhui District, Taoyuan Folk-Custom Village is the main meeting-place of Nanhui Peach Blossom Festival that is held when the peach blossoms bloom luxuriantly each year. It is one of the scenic spots for holidays in shanghai featuring Chinese country.

  • Shanghai Safari Park

    Shanghai Safari Park, the biggest state wild animals park in China, is located in Sanzao Town of Nanhui District that is 35kms away from the center of Shanghai City. It has nearly 10,000 rare animals of over 200 representational species including the animals introduced from other countries such as giraffes, zebras, antelopes and rhinoceroses as well as the animals at home such as giant pandas and golden-monkeys. The park consists of eight areas such as herbivore section, carnivore section, and flamingo section, butterfly garden and children¡¯s pets garden and so on and many interesting programs such as animals performances attract lots of tourists every day.

  • The Rosarium Garden

    Situated near the Donghai Movies and TVs Fairland beside the seaside of East China Sea in Nanhui, the Rosarium is the flower base of Nanhui and the biggest rosary garden in China at present with an area of 10,000 square meters. It is also called " Donghai Rosarium" for it is in the Donghai Farm and is also named "Sino-Holland Rosarium" for it is a joint venture of China and Holland. There are more than 70,000 roses of 28 species including the rare blue roses and black roses in so-called "Rose World" garden. All the species are from Holland, the "Kingdom of Flowers".

  • Luchao Harbor

    Situated on the convex bank of the seaside in Nanhui County, Luchao Harbor, which is called the Cape Hope in the Western Pacific Ocean, is the access for all the ships to Yangtze River for the harbor is connected with the mouth of Yangtze River in the north. There are Jinjiang Peach Garden, Xishan Resort Village and World Peach Fairyland Resort Center in the northern part of the harbor and Hope Cape Resort Village in the east and Asia East Garden in the west. Nanhui, the Back Garden of Shanghai, will develop a tour circle with Putuoshan Island, Shengsi Island and Zhoushan Island centered on Luchao Harbor that is rich in the scenic spots along the line of the cost of China East Sea such as Shanghai Safari Park, Baiyulan Resort Village and so on.

  • Donghai Films and TVs Fairyland

    Located on Shijing Road in Donghai Farm, Donghai Films and TVs Fairyland is the place for shooting scenes on location. Three areas for living, producing and outdoor scenes respectively have been set up on the site which covers 180mus in the first phase of the construction. There are 70 guestrooms of 163 beds, restaurants, ballrooms and conference rooms in the living section and a studio of 960 square meters in the producing section. Some scenic spots such as Ancient Shanghai Street, the Street of the Ming and Qing Dynasty can be seen in the outdoor scenes section.

  • Baiyulan Resort Village

    Set up in 1992, Baiyulan Resort Village is a three-star resort village concerning foreigners with a combination of accommodation, shopping and entertainment. It has 156 standard guestrooms and 10 extravagant villas as well as small villages and bars of English style, ballrooms, beauty parlors and conference halls and so on. In addition to the swimming pool, race court, tennis court, yacht club, there is a firing practice center provided by Pudong Shooting Amusement Company, Ltd. Seaside Golf Club is the biggest one in the eastern China, and the Fushida Cycle Racing Center is the only one built for amusement in China.


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