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Minhang District

The key-shaped Minhang District covers 371.68 square kilometers that is 5.86% of the total area of Shanghai City. The new district was established on 26, September 1992 with the combination of the former Minhang District and Shanghai County. Xinzhuang Town is the location of the government of the district. Hongqiao Airport and Huangpu River, which runs through the area from north to south, contribute to the convenience of the transportation of the area. Three modern industrial zones such as Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Zone enhance the economic development of Minhang District, which has attracted the investment of more than 40 countries and areas.

  • Jinjiang Fairyland

    Built in 1984 at 201 Hongmei Road, Jinjiang Fairyland, which belongs to Jinjiang Group, is a large amusement park with a combination of entertainment, restaurants and traveling. It enjoys convenient transportation and the tourists can reach there directly by the No.1 subway, Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway or Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway. Besides, more than 20 buses have set their stops near the park. It is famous for its numerous amusement items and many of them are introduced from foreign countries. Some new programs such as happy world and drift in the canyon are popular with the tourists both at home and abroad.

  • Qibao Town

    The square-shaped Qibao Town, a famous ancient town of Shanghai, lies in the center of Shanghai County in Minhang District with an area of 19 km2. Qibao Pi Ying Play (shadow play), which was popular at the end of the Qing Dynasty, still can be appreciated in the town.

  • Guteng (Old Chinese Wisteria) Garden

    Guteng Garden, which covers 4,948 square meters at 148 Lincang Road, is a site of an old market town and it has been open to the tourists after the reconstruction in 1999. The garden is named after the oldest wisteria in Shanghai that was planted by Dong Yiyang, a poet in the period of Jia Jing of the Ming Dynasty. Jiexiao Fang is a granite pai fang (memorial archway) built in the 12th year under reign of Qian Long of the Qing Dynasty and Jicui Fang has stood there for over 250 years. In addition, there are other constructions such as Ziyun Pavilion, a 2-storey pavilion painted red and decorated with engraved windows, and Songjin Pavilion, Chongde Bridge and Wanghai Pavilion.


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