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Changning District

In the west of the center of Shanghai City, Changning District covers 37.19km2 with a population of 610,000 of 9 neighborhoods and 1 town. Hongqiao Economic and Technologic Developing Zone, the only zone focusing on tertiary industry in China, and Gubei New Area, which is the biggest high-grade dwelling area for foreigners in Shanghai, are located in the district. Hongqiao International Airport in the district is the biggest one in Shanghai. Besides tertiary industry, real estate, advanced scientific and technologic industry, urban industry and service trades are thriving in the recent years in Changning District that develops at a rapid and steady speed under the developing policy.

  • Cemetery of Soong Qingling

    At 21 Songyuan Road in Changning District is the cemetery of Soong Qingling where the cremains of Madam Soong Qingling were buried after her death at 90 on May 29, 1981. According to her will, her grave is set on east side of her parents¡¯ that lies in the center of the cemetery and accompanied in the west with the grave of Li Yuee. Before the grave is a granite gravestone in front of which stands the white marble statue of Madam Soong Qingling surrounded with flowers. A memorial, as well as Shanghai Children¡¯s museum can be seen there.

  • Gubei New Area

    Along the west side of Hongqiao Road in Shanghai City stands Gubei New Area with a covering of 3,000,000m2 near Hongqiao Economic and Technological Developing Zone. It consists of three parts--office buildings, residences and villas. It won the honor of being one of the ¡°ten new scenes of 90¡¯s shanghai¡± in 1995 as a new high-grade uptown for foreigners with full facilities and desirable environment.

  • Dayang Seafloor World

    The seafloor world is located in Yinchu Lake of Changfeng Park. Walk from the Gate Four, tourists can see the visa office which actually is the ticket house. After buying the tickets the tourists will be given blue passports that read ¡°Welcome to Dayang Seafloor World¡± in Chinese and English and routes and pictures are added at the back.


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