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Machine Tools & Tools


Machine Tools
Carpenter Machinery
Forging & pressing machine
Nail-making machine
Machine tools accessories
Cutting tools
Cutting machine
Electric tools
Measuring tools

Machine Tools
Instrument lathe
Power lathe
CNC lathe
Gap bed lathe
Drum type turret lathe
Single-spindle turret auto-lathe
Universal milling machine
CNC milling machine
Radial universal copying milling machine
Vertical milling machine
Horizontal milling machine
Universal radial drilling machine
Vertical drilling machine
Portable radial drilling machine
Driling-milling machine
Bench drill
Shaping machine
High precision grinder with horizontal spindle & rectangular table
MCNC high precision surface grinder
Hand feed surface grinder
Grinder for square holes
Special grinder with vertical spindle
Surface grinder with horizontal spindle & rectangular table
Grinder for dies
Double disc surface grinder
Centreless grinder
Internal grinder
Precision gear hobbing machine
NC wirecut machine
Multi-function machine tools
Screw cutting machine
Vertical tapping nachibe
Carpenter Machinery
Automatic Coater
Carpenter cold-pressing machine
Carpenter safety plaber
Single side carpenter pressing planer
Common carpenter belt-sawing machine
Automatic saw grinding machine
Sawblade roll-pressing machine
Vertical single-axe square hole making machine
Multi-role wood planer
Automatic 2-sides carpenter planer
Forging & pressing machine
Open back press with fixed bed
Open-type inclinble press
Open-type power press
Precision press
4-post hydraulic press
Automatic universal bender
Guillotine shear
Disc-type shearing machine
Metal extruding machine
Rolling machine
Hand folder
Metal sheet bending machine
Manipulator for forging press
Tube flaring mahine
Pneumatic hammer
Bench press
Nail-making machine
Automatic nail-making machine
Umbrella-type nail machine
Shoe nail making machine
Special cutter grinder
Nail washing machine
Automatic cold-heading machine
Automatic thread-rolling machine
Vertical nut tapping machine
Wire drawing machine
Shucking machine
Machine tools accessories
Three-jaw self-centering chuck
Four-jaw independent chuck
Four-jaw compound chuck
Electric magnetic chuck
Permanent magnetic chuck
Diving head
Rotary table
Machine vice
Drill chuck
Self-locking drill chuck
Cutter rod
Small-sized modular fixturing system(For turning, drilling, milling & grinding)
Cavitied bed-type modular die system
Endtooth indesing table
Endtooth disk
Precision vice
Cold press die sets
Cutting tools
Hole-making tools
High speed steel tool blade
Milling cutter
Grar-cutting tool
Broaching tool
Threading tool
Round die
Cutter for chucks
Wood working tool
15pcs carbide-tipped bit set
Machine reamer
Tool bit
Cutting machine
Gas cutting machine
Gas welding/cutting torch
Welding-cutting tip
Hydraulic wire-rope cutter
High speed section cutter
Wire rope winch
Electric tools
Bench grinder
Portable grinder
Pedestal grinder
Grinder with dust trap
Bench sanding-grinder machine
Electric drill
Two speed impact drill
Angle grinder
Planer rabber
Double-use drill
Electric drill screwdriver
Magnetic stand
Electric shear
Electric wrench
Impact wrench
Electric screwdriver
Portable glazing machine
Circular saw
Angle circular saw
Reciprocating saw
Bench polisher
Electric spray gun
Electric welding machine
Spot-welding machine
Electric tube expander
Electric hand grinder for dies
Grooving machine
Measuring tools
Vernier caliper
3-Way vernier calipers with trimmer
4-way parallax-free vernier caliper
Vernier caliper with auto-lock
Dial vernier caliper
Vernier height and marking gauge
Depth vernier caliper
Gear tooth vernier
Inside micrometer
Outside micrometer
Thickness micrometer
Universal bevel protractor
Square with broad-base
Cylindric Square
Standard square
Dial gauge
Lever-type dial indicator
Gauge block
Straight edge
Electronic digital display caliper
Electronic digital display depth caliper
Magnetic stand

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