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Clean Glass Block
Color Glass Block


Sea Wave Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Parallel Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Direct Transparance Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Double Star Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Cloudy Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Diamond Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Water Bubble Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Cock-Tail Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Jewel Pattern (190/190/80mm)
New Moon Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Ice-Flower Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Coral Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Frost-Bistar Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Lattice Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Oblique Line Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Tangerine Skin Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Meteor Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Misty Cloudy Clear Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Misty Parallel Clear Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Misty Direct Clear Pattern (190/190/80mm)
Cloudy Pattern (240/240/80mm)
Parallel Pattern (240/240/80mm)
Five Rings Pattern (240/240/80mm)
Cloudy Pattern (240/115/80mm)
Water Bubble Pattern (240/115/80mm)
Three Rings Pattern (240/115/80mm)


Parallel Pattern Pink (190/190/80mm)
Misty Cloudy Pink (190/190/80mm)
Cloudy Pattern Pink (190/190/80mm)
Parallel Pattern Brown (190/190/80mm)
Water Bubble Pattern Brown (190/190/80mm)
Cloudy Pattern Brown (190/190/80mm)
Parallel Pattern Green (190/190/80mm)
Cloudy Pattern Green (190/190/80mm)
Cloudy Pattern blue (190/190/80mm)
Parallel Pattern Blue (190/190/80mm)
Misty cloudy Blue (190/190/80mm)






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