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  • Chaoyin Nunnery

    Chaoyin Nunnery, also called Kwan-yin Hall, covers 3640 square meters to the east of Lijiapan in Gulu Town. It was set up in 1456 (the 7th year under reign of Jing Tai of the Ming Dynasty), but burned down in the period of Yong Zheng in the Qing Dynasty. It was repaired in 1739 (the 4th year of Qian Long of the Qing Dynasty) and reconstructed in 1803 and 1813 (the 8th year and the 18th year under reign of Jia Qing of the Qing Dynasty). However, it was burned down again in 1930 (the 19th year of the Republic of China). It was rebuilt in 1934 but in 1937 the east wing-room was shot by the Japanese army and was repaired after Master Baoang entered the nunnery. It was used as factories and storehouses after the liberation and many of the constructions were damaged till it was reconstructed and opened to the tourists in 1982. Sermon Hall and Baoen (pay a debt of gratitude) Tower was set up in November 1992. The sermon hall has two floors with the depositary of Buddhist texts in the upper floor and the lower floor served as the sermon place centered by a jade Buddha statue. The Baoen Tower is 51 meters high and has 7 storeys and tourists standing on the top can have a full view of the city as well as the East China Sea.

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