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  • Airline wants your design ideas
    China Eastern Airlines wants your ideas for designs to be painted on five new aircraft to promote the 2010 Expo.
    Designs must include Expo elements including the emblem, the "Better City, Better Life" theme in Chinese and English and the Haibao mascot.
    Applicants can download forms and get more information from the Expo Website ( --(4/30)

  • Satellite news
    The country's first satellite transmission vehicle owned by a newspaper group went into operation yesterday.
    The Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group vehicle will be used for live news broadcasting for the group's Website, --(4/29)

  • Lights go out
    Landscape lighting time will be from 7pm to 10pm in the major sightseeing areas of Xujiahui, the North Bund and south of Nanjing Road from April 30 to save energy, Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau announced yesterday.
    This Thursday and Friday lighting time will be to 11pm due to the May Day holiday. --(4/28)

  • Bus tour bookings go online
    Tourists can now book 14 bus tours on the Shanghai Tour Bus Center's Website (
    The service is similar to airline ticket booking. Tourists booking online will receive a email reminder after the finish booking. They can then pick up their tickets at the center or a branch office 30 minutes before the departure time. --(4/27)

  • Charity set up
    The KSB (China) Charity Foundation has been set up to help kids from poor families. KSB, a German company that manufactures pumps, contributed 500,000 yuan (US$73,213) to the foundation and donated 15,000 yuan to two primary schools in Nanhui District to help pay for needy students' lunches and uniforms. --(4/26)

  • Network online
    ECEB Network, billing itself as the world's first social networking platform dedicated to the topic of sustainable urban development, was launched at the Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange Bureau yesterday. The network aims to promote sustainable development and create business opportunities in this field. --(4/25)

  • 4G research
    Shanghai Research Center for Wireless Communications has started to cooperate with Nokia to develop 4G technology, which runs 500 times faster speed than 3G technology, officials said at yesterday's conference of the Finland-China Strategic ICT (Information Communication Technology) Alliance. --(4/24)

  • Read all about it
    More than 80 local publishers will show 4,366 new books at the national book fair on Saturday in Jinan, Shandong Province.
    The Expo is a major theme for local publications, the Shanghai Press and Publication Administration said. --(4/23)

  • Mobile phone tickets for Expo
    China Mobile will offer people a mobile phone Expo ticket. The ticket will be stored in a mobile phone. Visitors need only show their mobile phones to check-in machines at the Expo gates and they will be admitted automatically. The service will be available from China Mobile outlets.
    China Mobile will trial the mobile ticket in SIM cards with an embedded NFC (Near Field Communication) chip later this month. Expo visitors will not only be able to use their mobile phones to visit the Expo but will also be able to use them for public transport and Expo shopping. The SIM card can be topped up. --(4/22)

  • On holiday
    The May Day holiday will last from Friday (the May Day) until the end of the weekend. Business will resume on May 4. --(4/21)

  • Lecture series
    The Chinese Welfare Institute will hold 14 free lectures inviting scholars and teachers to talk to youngsters about traditional Chinese literature.
    Lecture topics will be picked from a list of 50 contemporary Chinese works of literature. The first phase will run on weekends through July 24. --(4/20)

  • Shanghai's Cancer Casualties
    Cancer was contracted by 350 people in every 100,000 in Shanghai, according to new figures issued yesterday by the city's Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
    The death rate due to cancer was 219 people in every 100,000 and it was the cause of 30 percent of local death cases. The figures are current up to 2006 given the time needed by the center to research cancer deaths.
    The top five cancers for males were lung, stomach, liver, colon and rectum.
    The most prevalent cancers in women were breast, lung, stomach, colon and liver. The incidence ratio between male and female was 1.2 to 1. --(4/19)

  • Cultural center
    The Chinese writer Eileen Chang's former residence in Jing'an District will be opened as a community center in August. The house is located on Kangding Road E. and Taixing Road. The dining room of the house was a model of the dark dining room described in "Love in a Fallen City," the writer's most acclaimed work. The house will function as a center for education, fitness, conferences and official receptions. It will also become the headquarters for Eileen Chang's fans club. --(4/18)

  • Azalea Show offers a colorful welcome
    The Binjiajng Forest Park opens its Azalea Show today with more than 100,000 flowers ready to greet visitors.
    A 120-year-old azalea in the indoor hall is one of the highlights of the show. Others include 100 miniature azaleas from Jiashan City in neighboring Zhejiang Province. The park will select the five most popular for a long-term display.
    In the park 1,000 sprays bedded among the bushes and flowers, are turned on for two hours every morning and afternoon to create misty mountain scenes and water the plants.
    The show runs to May 17.
    The park is at the crossing of the Huangpu River and the Yangtze River in the Pudong New Area and is open from 8am to 4:30pm. Admission costs 20 yuan (US$2.92). --(4/17)

  • Sweet return for candy
    China's iconic White Rabbit milk candy has returned to overseas markets after a half-year sales suspension amid the widespread tainted milk scandal, a spokesman of the candy producer Guanshengyuan said yesterday.
    The first batch of 6,000 boxes of White Rabbit milk candies was exported early this month to Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India and Canada, the spokesman said.
    The Guanshengyuan company recalled all exports, some of which tested positive for melamine in Singapore last September amid the tainted milk scandal that involved a group of major Chinese dairy producers. It also suspended its domestic sales.
    The candy returned to the domestic market in October, as the products had passed Shanghai quality supervision administration tests.
    The spokesman said the latest batch of exports included the traditional milk candy and a newly developed sweet "golden rabbit."
    The new brand is a "birthday gift" for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the country, he said. --(4/16)

  • French bank expands to Shanghai
    The French bank Societe Generale opened its branch in Shanghai yesterday.
    Officials from the bank said that the Bank will accelerate its expansion in China and open about 40 branches in the next five years.
    The branch is in Weihai Road, Jing'An District, in Shanghai. --(4/15)

  • New clean-up plan for city
    A new city space clean-up plan was launched yesterday, said the city's office for city management and urban preparation for Expo 2010.
    The new plan involves further improvements to the city's elevated roads, river banks, areas around Expo Site, traffic arteries and other key areas. The city environment will be much improved by May 1.
    The city's appearance, residences and urban management will be improved by 70 percent by early July. By then, the city will have established its first phase of urban operation maintenance and emergency management.
    Vice Mayor and head of this office, Shen Jun, attended the meeting. --(4/14)

  • Yangtze Delta Expo travel
    An Expo themed travel route has been designed by The National Tourism Administration of The People's Republic of China, the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration, the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination and Shanghai Dazhong International Travel Service.
    The tour will take two days to travel to Shanghai, Zhejiang Province and Jiangsu Province.
    The General Manager of Shanghai Dazhong International Travel Service, said that the tour includes Linfen Street in Shanghai's Zhabei District, Houdajie Community in Ningbo City's Zhenhai District in Zhejiang and Nantong City in Jiangsu Province.
    This route was chosen for history, development and culture. --(4/13)

  • Center tops off
    The Expo Performance Center, the largest building inside the 2010 World Expo site, topped off over the weekend. This means all five permanent buildings at the site have completed their first-phase construction.
    At 126,000 square meters, the performance center is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. --(4/6)

  • Icebreaker visits Taiwan
    China's Antarctic exploration vessel "Snow Dragon" left Kaohsiung port in southern Taiwan yesterday after a three-day stay on its way back home.
    The "Snow Dragon" ("Xuelong" in Chinese) arrived at Kaohsiung on Wednesday at the invitation of the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, the National Sun Yat-sen University and the Cheng Shiu University for cross-Strait polar research exchanges.
    In the past couple of days, more than 2,000 visitors boarded the scientific research vessel, China's only icebreaker, which has already carried out a dozen trips to Antarctica since 1994.
    Curious visitors crowded the ship, took photos and asked questions to the crew members about the Antarctic.
    The researchers on the "Snow Dragon" also visited Pingtung's National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium to discuss possibility of increasing academic cooperation and exchanging research with their Taiwan counterparts.
    Carrying 140 crew, including scientists, technicians and sailors, the "Snow Dragon" left Shanghai in October for a 173-day trip, the longest in China's polar expedition history, and is expected to return to Shanghai on April 10.
    The expedition team built a new research station at Dome Argus (Dome A), the pole's highest icecap at 4,093 meters above the sea level. It is China's third station in Antarctica after the Changcheng Station and Zhongshan Station.
    They left Zhongshan Station on March 9 and stopped at Fremantle in Western Australia on March 22 to refuel. --(4/5)

  • Birds force return of China Eastern flight
    A China Eastern Airlines aircraft made an emergency landing in Shanghai on Thursday after striking birds, the company said yesterday.
    Birds hit and cracked the left cockpit windshield of flight MU5607 seven minutes after it took off from Pudong International Airport on Thursday night, forcing the flight to return to the airport and land 20 minute later, said Li Jiang, the company's head of publicity. None of the 140 passengers and 11 crew members on the Airbus 321 flight to Shenyang City was injured. The passengers were able to take later flights in the evening. --(4/4)

  • Shanghai court appoints advisors
    The Shanghai High Court yesterday appointed 37 finance experts as advisors for financial trials.
    The advisors are mainly from institutions such as the Shanghai Financial Service Office, China Securities Regulatory Commission and universities such as Fudan University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.
    Courts in Shanghai handled 14,738 cases involving financial disputes last year, an annual increase of 19.33 percent and dealt with over 562 criminaL cases involving finance, an annual increase of 42.64 percent. --(4/3)

  • High-tech loans
    More than 100 million yuan (US$14.6 million) of loans were granted to 23 small and medium-size high-tech enterprise in Pudong New Area yesterday.
    The government will further guide banks and other financial institutions to offer loans worth more than 800 million yuan to high-tech SMEs this year, officials said yesterday. --(4/2)

  • Hospital begins building work
    The first rooftop helicopter pad at one of Xuhui District's medical facilities will be built on one of Zhongshan Hospital's new buildings, which started construction yesterday.
    The new 15-story building, which will have outpatient and emergency clinics, operating theaters, intensive care units, and wards for patients with liver tumors and cardiovascular diseases, will be completed in three years at Zhongshan Hospital.
    When the new building is complete, the two departments will have 720 beds, twice the current number, hospital officials said.
    The entire building project has a total investment of 957 million yuan (US$140 million) and consists of a facility devoted to treating liver tumors and cardiovascular diseases, a science and technology research center and a pediatric emergency and outpatient building.
    The pediatric building will be run by Fudan University's Children's Hospital, part of which has been moved from its previous location on Fenglin Road to make room for Zhongshan's development. --(4/1)



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