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  • Officials in Chongming County hope the island will become one of the most attractive places in Shanghai in 15 years.
    By 2020, Chongming Island will be built into the most beautiful garden island on the sea, with a nice environment, reputed scenic spots for entertainment and relaxation and developed environmentally friendly industries, according to the county's ambitious blueprint.
    When it is built, it will present a garden-like island with natural and artificial forests, an ideal residential island with use of unpolluted resources, a tourist island with specially designed tourist projects and theme parks and an island gathering scientific research institutes and headquarters of large enterprises, officials said. --5/31/2004

  • For the first time ever, foreign residents in the city are being invited to compete for the title of Tourism Ambassador, the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administrative Commission announced yesterday.
    Foreigners aged 18 to 30 who have lived in the city for at least five years are eligible to take part in the contest, which kicked off yesterday.
    The contest is part of the Shanghai Tourism Festival, an annual event that has been held every fall since 1989.
    This year's tourism festival will be organized by Shanghai Promthean/Kern Tourism and Culture Development Co, a joint venture between two American companies and two local firms. "We are looking for the investors from the United States," said Steven Jiang, general manager of the company. --5/28/2004

  • Fudan University, one of the top universities in China, hopes to raise 300 million yuan (US$36 million) by next May to celebrate its 100th anniversary, university officials announced yesterday.
    Two-thirds of the anniversary fund will come from donations by Fudan alumni or companies from both home and broad. Fudan-sponsored companies and institutes will also contribute 100 million yuan.
    By the end of last month, the university had successfully raised 120 million yuan.Most of the fund will be invested in Fudan's campus construction and future academic research, with only a small fraction used for an anniversary ceremony, according to Zhang Yihua, Fudan's vice president.
    Established in 1905, Fudan University is one of China's key universities. It was merged with Shanghai Medical University in 2000. The university's 100th anniversary ceremony is due to be held on September 24 and 25, 2005. --5/27/2004

  • The nation's first Formula One race track was essentially completed, the Shanghai Construction Group announced yesterday. A team from the Federation Internationale de L'Automobile will inspect the circuit soon. The only thing that remains undone is to paint lines on the track. The track, in the city's northwestern suburbs of Jiading District, covers 2.5 square kilometers and includes a 5.4-kilometer F1 circuit, several stands with room for nearly 200,000 spectators, a maintenance area and a practice circuit. --5/27/2004

  • An international conference titled "Urban Dimensions of Environmental Change: Science, Exposures, Policies and Technologies" was launched yesterday at East China Normal University. More than 100 scientists from 20 countries and regions attended the conference. The three-day meeting will focus on a variety of topics addressing the impact on the environment brought about by the global trend of urbanization. --5/26/2004

  • The Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone has played a leading role in the economy of Pudong for the past 14 years and is pushing forward to become an international business center.
    By the end of last year, the zone had contributed one-third of the new area's total fixed asset investment and gross domestic product growth.
    Its registered capital, retail and wholesale space and real estate development scale have accounted up to half of the new area's total, according to the first special report targeting the zone. --5/24/2004

  • Shanghai Chongming Industrial Zone is enlarging its total area to attract more enterprises to set up on Chongming Island.
    It has invested about 200 million yuan (US$24 million) in the second phase of the project, including relocating 1,080 local families.--5/21/2004

  • The Shanghai Exhibition Center will open a display tomorrow featuring a panoramic view of the city in 2020, when it will be home to a beautiful beach and a revamped Suzhou Creek.
    The free exhibition will run through Sunday. "The show aims to let people visualize the city's brilliant future as well as its huge business opportunities," Gu Jianguo, an exhibition organizer from the Shanghai Construction and Management Commission, said yesterday.
    The exhibition will focus on the city's traffic, environmental protection, urban architecture and new residences. A huge round screen will play a documentary video depicting the future of the riverside along Suzhou Creek.--5/20/2004

  • Six new expressways will be built to link Shanghai with neighboring Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces before 2020, urban engineering authorities from Shanghai and the two provinces announced yesterday.
    Currently, there are four expressways between Shanghai and the two provinces. This move is part of an ambitious plan to establish an expressway network in the Yangtze River Delta region by 2020.--5/19/2004

  • The city government has adopted a plan to extend the subway network to 510 kilometers and build 10 multi-level underground transfer hubs by 2010.
    The plan, announced by the Shanghai Urban Planning Administrative Bureau yesterday, will extend both ends of Rail Transport No. 2 to connect the Hongqiao airport with Pudong airport.The 19-kilometer line will be extended 9.4 kilometers west to Hongqiao International Airport and 29.2 kilometers east to Pudong International Airport.--5/18/2004

  • Imports and exports of Shanghai have seen a record-high increase in the first four months of 2004.
    According to the Shanghai Customs, from January to April, Shanghai's foreign trade totaled US$84.59 billion, up 48.2 percent over the same period last year. Its imports reached US$38.17 billion and exports US$46.42 billion, up 51.1 and 45.9 percent respectively, year on year.--5/16/2004

  • Shanghai will launch a system to analyze, forecast and evaluate the influences that the local planning and construction projects are likely to put on environment in order to alleviate the negative impacts on environment, according to Shanghai municipal government's regular press conference yesterday.--5/14/2004

  • The first World Forum on China Studies will be held from August 19 to 22 in Shanghai International Convention Center in Pudong, the convention?°•s organizer declared yesterday.
    The forum, jointly held by Shanghai Municipal government and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, will be the first platform for exchange and dialogue among scholars engaged in China Studies around the world.
    The proposed theme of the First World Forum this year is ?°„China in Multi-Perspectives Scholars from all disciplines are invited to share their knowledge, expertise, and research on related topics.--5/13/2004

  • Shanghai, in cooperation with 15 other cities in the Yangtze Delta region, has published a 460-page guidebook featuring about 100 tourist sites in the area.
    The cities also plan to publish a bilingual map of the area, which should be available for the public by this September. It will feature guides for tourists traveling in their own cars, said Yang Qinghong, domestic tourism department director of the local tourism commission.
    The two publications have been in the works since 2001, said Yang.--5/13/2004

  • A 350-meter stretch of Tongren Road between Nanjing Road W. and Yan'an Road M. is set to become the city's next entertainment zone, with a dozen bars and restaurants to open in the area by the end of this year and at least 10 more to open by next June.
    More than 70 percent of the venues will be foreign-invested, with many of the other 30 percent being set up by Hong Kong investors, according to Kelvin Sun, general manager of Shanghai Silin Properties Consultant Co, Ltd, which is responsible for attracting investment in the project.--5/12/2004

  • Eight delegates from Hamburg signed a port friendship agreement between the Shanghai port and the Port of Hamburg yesterday evening.
    In order to meet the development goals of the global port industry in the 21st century, the two ports will enhance cooperation and exchanges in port planning, management, construction and information technologies.--5/11/2004

  • Some 2,935 people donated 590 liters of blood during the weeklong holiday, said officials from the Shanghai Blood Administration Office yesterday. The office set up 20-odd blood collecting spots during the holiday for local residents and visitors.--5/10/2004

  • Grey-collar employees can earn 4,828 yuan (US$582) in average monthly salaries, with monthly spending of 4,487 yuan on average, up 383 and 607 yuan from those of the white-collar employees respectively, according to a survey, the Shanghai Morning Post reported.
    The survey was conducted of 250 white-collar and 250 gray-collar employees from various industries. White-collar interviewees are mainly doing management and technological work, and gray-collar respondents are mainly integrate-circuit designers, jewelry designers, interior work designers and web makers.
    According to the survey, 66 percent of white-collar respondents earn monthly income between 1,000 and 3,000 yuan; most gray-collar employees earn monthly salaries between 1,500 and 10,000 yuan, with 42 percent of them getting 2,500 and 4,500 yuan a month.--5/9/2004

  • Shanghai retailers were the big winners from this year's May Day holiday - the majority of sales were clothes, food and home appliances.
    Sales by the city's 299 major retailers hit 1.83 billion yuan (US$221 million) from May 1 until yesterday which was in line with expectations.
    The holiday sales figures were an increase of 52.7 percent from the same period last year when the city's retail businesses were trapped in a national SARS outbreak, Shanghai Economic Commission reported yesterday.--5/8/2004

  • Photo studios, flower markets, restaurants and hotels are reporting strong business because of the large numbers of weddings during the break.
    Weddings account for about 70 percent of hotel and restaurant bookings in Shanghai.--5/5/2004

  • Lovers of flowers have a special treat this Labor Day holiday as the Shanghai International Flower-arrangement Exhibition is open to the public.
    The show, held at the Hong Kong New World Tower on Huaihai Road, showcases a magnificent feast of floral works created by artists from around the world - all experts in ikebana, the Japanese art of formal flower arrangement.--5/3/2004



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