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  • The 10th Shanghai International Fashion Festival will run from March 18 to 27, featuring fashion shows, trade expos, fashion forums, a model competition and a multimedia drama, event organizers announced yesterday.
    A fashion week, which will kick off at Donghua University as part of the festival, will include four big fashion shows and some 30 forums and seminars.--2/26/2004

  • Denmark will contribute its knowhow to help Shanghai's continued development, Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said yesterday.In his maiden visit to China, the Prime Minister said his country will offer its expertise in port construction, logistics and energy.He called Shanghai a "magnificent city" with a fine economy and a very bright future at a news conference yesterday.
    He stressed that Shanghai, in addition to its booming economy, has many other charms, such as its fine architecture. During his visit, China and Denmark are expected to sign a bilateral tourism agreement called "Approved Destination Status," which will permit Chinese tour groups to visit Denmark. --2/25/2004

  • Shanghai will be home to China's first astronomy museum in September, when the museum's first phase construction is completed in Sheshan, Songjiang District in the city's southwest.
    The museum, rebuilt on the base of current Sheshan astronomical observatory, will consist of a scientific education camp, a lecture hall, an observatory and an exhibition of sundials--an ancient instrument that indicates time by the sunlight and shadow.--2/23/2004

  • Construction is expected to start later this year on Fenglin Life Science Park, a 5.46-square-kilometer facility in Xuhui and Luwan districts. The park will be equipped with many medical facilities, including a local branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and eight hospitals. The city hopes the area can provide high-quality medical services as well as research and development in life sciences. An international optical hospital and a heart hospital will also be established there.--2/21/2004

  • With local travel agencies and tourism officials predicting China will allow domestic tour groups to visit 12 European Union countries as of May 1, European booths were crowded when the 2004 Shanghai World Travel Fair opened yesterday.
    The 12 EU countries signed a memo with the Chinese government last Thursday. That was seen by many in the industry as a sign the government was about to grant them Approved Destination Status - a step that generally takes a few months to finalize.
    The 12 countries include Spain, France, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands.--2/7/2004

  • Commuters who need to take both of the city's subway lines will require more time to transfer between the two starting tomorrow, due to new government measures taken to control commuter flow during rush hour.
    Shanghai Metro Operation Co Ltd, which manages the underground railways as well as one of the two existing elevated metro lines, said it will design new routes for passengers who transfer between the subways, which meet at People's Square.Commuters who get off the trains of Rail Transportation No.1 - the subway stretching in the south-north direction - should walk south to get to the RT No.2 station, the other underground railway spanning across the Huangpu River in a west-east direction.Those transferring from the RT No.2 to RT No.1 should walk along the northern passage.Commuters only need to do so during rush hour on weekdays, from 7:30am to 9:30am and in the evening from 4:30pm to 6:30pm.
    The move is to help ensure safe underground traffic at People's Square as crowds of passengers usually jam the area.--2/18/2004

  • With a batch of settings symbolizing styles and features in Shanghai transported to Lille, a north city in France, yesterday, the 'Shanghai Street' will debut in France from March to May this year.
    The settings, 21 meters long and seven meters high, cover the signboards of ten famous stores on the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall, a landmark tourist spot in Shanghai, and also are equipped with neon lights, said an industry analyst.
    The size, color and range of these signboards on the settings are the same as the actual ones on the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall, with even the same shining rhythm of the neon lights, the analyst said. The 'Shanghai Street" settings also cover other scenic spots in Shanghai, including the Jiu Qu Bridge, Huxin Pavilion, the Bund and Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone.--2/17/2004

  • New shopping paradise to open in two years.In the near future, local people will be able to take an electric-powered car go shopping, watch science fiction films in the stadium and enjoy an animal training performance in the city's largest commercial and cultural center-Shanghai Daning Commercial and Culture Center.This futuristic experience will be realized in two years' time when Zhabei opens the center.To realize its showpiece, the district government is spending 3.4 billion yuan (US$410 million) on the dreamlike center, designed to cover a total area of 800,000 square meters, twice the size of the Xujiahui Commercial Center.
    The district is optimistic that the center will be a great success.
    The most eye-catching part of the center will be its 250,000-square-meter shopping mall, "Dream City." Unlike the city's other closed shopping malls, it will be the country's first North American-style open shopping mall-built without a roof.The American-based RTKL Design, who also designed the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, won the international tender to design Dream City.It will contain two hotels, four major stores, 270 stores, a pedestrian mall, theme restaurants,two cinemas, cultural and entertainment facilities and some office buildings.Together with the shopping mall, Zhabei Stadium, Shanghai Circus World and the Daning Lingshi Park will make up the commercial and cultural center. They will be connected by underground passages and a pedestrian mall.To get around, visitors can simply hop on the electric-powered cars and travel to the various locations.--2/16/2004

  • Urban residents of Shanghai, China's largest metropolis, spent 937 yuan (US$112) on education each on average in 2003, up by 14.1 percent compared with the previous year.The majority of urban families devoted the bulk of their annual spending on education to after-school training of their offspring, such as classes of piano, violin and painting.
    Shanghai reported the fastest urbanization in China, thanks to its rapid economic growth. The per capita disposable income of urban residents in Shanghai rose 12.2 percent to reach 14,867 yuan (US$1791) last year, according to a sample survey recently made by the Shanghai Municipal Statistical Bureau.--2/15/2004

  • 'Industrial tourism' to be promoted for growing number of tourists.More local landmarks will soon be opening for public tours to accommodate the growing number of tourists visiting the city. Among them are the Shanghai Banknote Printing Plant, the Shanghai Mint, the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park and an automobile-related circuit.By the end of this year, the city will also feature up to 20 tours of industry located around Shanghai.
    Industrial tourism is an important part of our city which has limited tourism resources, and it should be greatly encouraged.--2/14/2004

  • Shanghai will host more than 70 international conferences this year, city government spokeswoman Jiao Yang announced on February 10.
    The conventions, including a World Bank conference on alleviating poverty in May and a global convention of engineers in November, will prompt the local government to "expand accommodation at star-rated hotels and improve traffic," Jiao said.
    Shanghai currently hosts more than 60,000 rooms in 338 star-rated hotels. Many hotels, especially those of the five-star variety, said they are already fully booked for the next three months.--2/11/2004

  • The Shanghai Health Bureau said yesterday the city will invest more than 5 billion yuan (US$602 million) from 2002 through the end of this year on medical projects to build the city into one of the leading medical centers in Asia.
    A growing number of local hospitals are rebuilding their outpatient and emergency facilities due to longstanding complaints from patients. In addition, a new laboratory building at the Shanghai Disease Prevention and Control Center and the headquarters of public health emergency networks will be finished within the year. The city will also spend 167 million yuan every year from 2003 to 2005 to build neighborhood health centers in local communities.--2/10/2004

  • Jing'an, one of nine urban districts in the city, has experienced great changes in recent years. Last year, despite the influence of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, the district's industrial output value reached 4.05 billion yuan (US$488 million), up 7.7 percent from a year earlier. Also, it attracted investment from 865 enterprises, both domestic and foreign, with a registered capital of 1.66 billion yuan.
    The district government's target this year has been set up. For example, the district's annual revenue is expected to reach 2.28 billion yuan, up 15 percent from 2003. The annual added value will rise from 6.59 billion to 6.64 billion yuan. Moreover, they also plan to create about 19,000 jobs for the unemployed, so as to keep the number of registered jobless in the district within 7,000. For realizing these aims, they will mainly focus on eight aspects, including utilizing the economic structure, accelerating the urban construction, improving the environment and promoting the importance of education and science.--2/9/2004

  • US-based Cabot Corporation, a global carbon black product heavyweight, has increased its investment in China, as the third-phase expansion project of its joint plant in Shanghai was put in operation yesterday after completion.--2/8/2004

  • New expressway signs featuring names in both Chinese and English, in addition to the orginal numbers, are installed on a local expressway. Previously, traffic signs only carried English and numbers on the city's elevated roads, causing much confusion.--2/7/2004

  • Minhang Hospital on February 5 announced doctors there successfully performed a surgery to save a 70-year-old man suffering from serious congenital heart disease.The man identified as Chen had heart pain for 10 years and the symptoms were worse over the last two years.Doctors found he had an abnormal duct in his lung.The hospital introduced a pipe through the leg to run along to the duct and repaired it last week.--2/6/2004

  • The Shanghai Water Authority has announced plans to build man-made waterfalls an 'underwater forests' in small riversand creeks in Putuo and Zhabei districtsto improve their water quality.
    The project will begin in May and it will be expanded to small waterways around the city if it proves successful.
    Biologists will build what they call an 'underwater forests' a biosphere that supports both plants and fish in several small waterways in the two districts,allowing the creeks and rivers to purify themselves.--2/6/2004

  • Workers start to pitch the 5,431-meter long track of Shanghai International Circuit in Jiading District yesterday for the upcoming F1 race in mid-Septmeber. The race will be the first F1 event ever held in China.--2/4/2004

  • A ceremony to hail the city's winning of the title "National Garden City" was held on Febuary 2. Shanghai plans to build 1,800 hectares of greenlands this year, and per capita greenspace - parks, lawns and forests - will reach 10 square meters by the yearend.--2/3/2004

  • Shanghai Blood Administration Office said yesterday that 1,021 residents donated 217.2 liters of blood during the weeklong Spring Festival holidays. In addition, domestic travelers who were sightseeing in the city also donated blood when encountering blood collection vehicles in downtown streets.--2/1/2004



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