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  • Shanghai Children's Delegation to West China was formed at the former residence of Soong Ching Ling on Tuesday. The delegation, made up of 60 Shanghai students, will stage a series of exchange programmes with children in Qinghai this July in the fields of culture and art. All the members were selected through competitions on knowledge, composition and the environment. As part of the programme, jointly organized by the Shanghai Soon Ching Ling Foundation and Unilever, the programme aims to make Shanghai children learn more about the West.

  • Elderly people in Shanghai now have an electronic nurse since a specific calling service system was put into use this month. The system allows people to connect with hospitals, free health consulting and other services simply by pressing a button in their houses. The 24-hour system was established through the community services information system. The system can also be used to arrange funiture repairs, contact nurses, buy tickets and even provides a three-hour free calling period every afternoon to soothe their loneliness. About 10,000 families will have this system installed in their homes by the end of this year.

  • OF all the Chinese revolutionary women, Jiang Jie, or Sister Jiang, is the epitome of perseverance, determination, carefulness and sacrifice.Her story has been adapted to movie and stage play. From June 7 to 11, it will be presented as an opera is a combination of traditional Chinese and Western opera.

  • CHINA'S first composite paper, printing and packaging exchange centre has been set up in the city's Pudong area.The centre's trade volume is extected to reach 5 billion yuan($600 million) by the end of May, 2002. Its goal is to become the most authoritative centre in Asia for information on pulp price, paper producing technologies and trade information, printing and packaging product sales and design trends.

  • Exhanging rings in the sky, on the hill of surrounded by fish, Shanghai's young people combine Chinese and Western elements in their weddings.

  • SHANGHAI plans to build up between 15-20 advanced clinical centres with an investment of 1 billion yuan($120 million) in fout to five years. Half of the investment, of 500 million yuan($60 million),will be allocated by the city government, while the other half will be invested by the hospitals.

  • Dominant foreign involvement in local State-owned enterprises is being encouraged with an eye toward profitability.

  • Suzhou Creek, Huangpu River attract builders looking to lure residents who fancy a touch of nature.

  • In such a fast-moving city like Shanghai ,pressure from work allows white-collar women little time for their emotional life.Then how to keep a balance between love and career seem to be an eternal problem for them.

  • Locally made yachts are expected to cruise on the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek in the near future.

  • Shanghai introduced $2.10 billion of contractual foreign investment in the January-March period, up 110 per cent from a year earlier,and actually used $899 million of foreign funds, up 39.7 per cent.

  • Shanghai customs will open a special counter at Pudong International Airport for Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation(APEC) meetings for the convenience of participants. APEC out-lets will also be opened at post offices and some local Customs branches, according to Customs sources.

  • Shanghai is eager to attract foreign investment to accelerate the construction of its 10 railway lines.To reduce costs and improve efficiency, the city set up four separate companies last year to oversee investment, construction, operation, and supervision.

  • Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines recently signed an agreement to merge with china Northwest Airlines and Yunnan Airlines. The new airline group's total assets will amount to 47.3 billion yuan ($5.7billion), with 118 planes, 25,109 employees and 437 domestic and international air routes.

  • FINLAND-based IDO Company, affiliated with the world's llargest sanitary-ware producer, Sanitec Company, has set up its China head office in Shanghai as part of its business strategy to expand into the Chinese market.

  • Some claim the sport can streamline yur body and help yu lose or gain weight as you like.To meet the demand of yung women in Shanghai who are looking to lose weight in a healthy manner, a new sport called"shaping"was recently introduced and has been gaining a lot of popularity.

  • Shanghai's 10 satellite towns°™the new Songjiang City and nine surburban towns°™will be built into towns displaying European, American and Australian architectural styles.




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