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  • Shanghai has handled its 6 millionth 20-foot container for this year, a record number for the port city. A port spokesman said containers handled this year are expected to reach 6.3 million. The port invested 4.43 billion yuan ($540 million).

  • Major telecommunications giant Shanghai Bell and Samsung Electronics set up a joint venture in Shanghai recently to develop and produce CDMA mobile telecommunications system and related products. The two companies will invest $29 million in research, development, manufacturing and marketing of CDMA mobile phones and related products.

  • Shanghai has built a pearl market in Yuyuan Garden in its effort to turn the city into Asia's largest pearl market, replacing Hong Kong. The 3,000-square-metre Pearl Circles in Tianyu Tower, the city's first wholesale and retail pearl market, now sells less than 2 tons of pearls a month.

  • A project to offer more jobs to laid-off workers has been highly successful in Pudong, with the creation of a total of 58,000 jobs. Meanwhile, six human resource agencies were set up to offer job opportunities to laid-off workers free of charge in the coming year.

  • Statistics show that the fertility rate in the city is the lowest in the country. Experts said that the low birth rate is connected with the fact that more and more women attend universities and pursue higher degrees.

  • Those who think Shanghai lacks creative artists may change their minds if they visit the first Shanghai Fine Arts Exhibition that opened to the public last Saturday. The 377 pieces on display have been selected by the Shanghai Artists' Association from over 1,000 oil paintings, Chinese paintings, prints, sculptures and other pieces.

  • Shanghai will launch China's first insurance industry development indicator system and insurance index next year. The system and index will lend market players and the government a perfect tool to analyze market trends and prospects.

  • The Bund Center, a newly completed corporate, residential and hotel complex along the Bund, captured the attention of people who passed by the building last Thursday, when it revealed crown light at 198 meters high.

  • Shanghai International Automobile City has signed agreements with 14 multinational and Chinese auto conglomerates to step up construction. These agreements are involved in projects to build an auto mansion, an auto theme park, an auto service center, an auto research and development center, and an auto exhibition center.

  • More and more Shanghainese young men have married foreign women in the past year, at an increase of 15 per cent from the previous year. A total of 3,300 local people married foreigners, with men marrying foreign women the largest increase.

  • The city will double its flights to Japan next year. Certain departments said that the increase has resulted from completion of the new runway in one of Japan's major airports. From next April, a total of four planes will fly to Japan every day, a rise from the current two flights.

  • The Shanghai Broadcasting Network (SBN), a satellite TV service, was granted a license to telecast programmes in Japan after an agreement was reached here on Tuesday.

  • With China's entry into the WTO, the number of Hollywood imports will double from 10 to 20 a year. Strangely enough, even Chinese film makers themselves welcome this challenge, although it might strike a fatal blow to the domestic film industry.

  • The simulated operation of the much-heralded Shanghai Gold Exchange started last Wednesday. It not only showed China's commitment to the deregulation of the country's gold market, but also symbolized that Shanghai has obtained a complete list of markets to become a financial center.

  • The high-tech industrial and financial district of Pudong has registered a 22 per cent increase in foreign trade during the January-October period. The latest customs statistics show that Pudong imported and exported $24.98 billion during the first 10 months of this year, including $15.5billion in imports and $9.48 billion in exports.

  • Crystal Decisions, an international software company, signed an agreement with Stargate Technology Ltd yesterday to entrust Stargate as its agent in Shanghai.



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