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  • Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau have received 3,710 complaints about pollution, 26% of which are about sound pollution.

  • Cards for Christmas and New Year, which are made of recycled paper, have received cold welcome. Most card buyers do not like the dark color of the cards.

  • Fifteen medicines containing an ingredient (PPA) have been banned by the State Drug Administration last week. The banned medicines were proved to cause serious side effects like high blood pressure, anaphylaxis, and cardiac arrhythmia.

  • Shanghai has become China's top city in consuming electricity. According to statistics, its annual electricity consumption has increased to 50 billion kilowatt-hours.

  • By the end of last month, 45 undergraduates of Shanghai Jiaotong University had to quit school because of poor academic performance.

  • A survey shows about 70.1% of local people aged 14 to 35 have surfed the Internet. Among them, 30.4% are regular netizens.

  • More than 15,000 local young men and woman aged 18 to 22 signed up to join the People's Liberation Army during the autumn promotion to attract new recruits.

  • The milk program carried out by the local government will be expanded to 500,000 students in primary schools by September, 2001.

  • A survey conducted by Horizon Research of 939 women in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou between the ages of 15 and 35 indicates that nearly 70% of them believe spousal rape occurs while only 14% deny its existence.

  • More than 70 tons of retrieved dry batteries in Shanghai are waiting to be disposed of and another 4,000 tons consumed every year have not been recovered yet.

  • Shanghai Municipal Government has decided to invest US$6.02 billion over three years to clean up the environment, especially the disposal of household refuse.

  • Shanghai Police has discovered 83 cases of fabricating false diplomas and certificates since the beginning of November. During the past 10 months, 20 underground factories of the kind have been found in the city.

  • The city's retail sales of consumer goods last month breaks the record again to reach US$1.92 billion, which is 6.5% higher than that of the same period last year.

  • Shanghai Tourism Festival, which spanned a whole month from October 1 to October 31, attracted more than 100,000 overseas tourists and about one million domestic tourists.

  • Airline ticket pricing, which has been frozen since early last year, is experiencing a meltdown with the State's recent decision to allow a 20% increase for domestic carriers.

  • More than 90 equipment giants assembled at Shanghai International Exhibition Center to display their latest products and technology this week.

  • Shanghai Customs discovered a total of 798 historical relics which were slated to be shipped out of the country in a suspected smuggling operation. Among them, 733 are Class 3 national historical relics.

  • The latest statistics from Shanghai Sperm Bank show that only 20% of 1,000 volunteers are qualified to donate sperm.

  • Maya Culture Exhibition is expected to open in Shanghai next year. This will be the third stop for the exhibitions of 186 national treasures of Mexico after Guangzhou and Beijing.

  • The city opened its science and technology forum for the new millennium at Shanghai Library on November 7 as a stimulus to its new phase of economic development.

  • Shanghai Commodities Exposition, as part of the 2nd China Shanghai International Art Festival, opened on November 6 in over 17 shopping malls in Shanghai.

  • The fifth national census, which will record the changes of Shanghai's demographics over the past 10 years, got started in November 1 and it will last for ten days.

  • From Nov. 1, 2000, China starts the 5th Census. About 6 million census taker and census instructor will step into each family all over the country to carry out registration. The census will be over on Nov. 10.

  • The Second Shanghai International Art Festival offically began since Wednesday (Nov.1)'s kick-off performance of fireworks and dancing in Pudong's Century Park.

  • Despite the news of plane ticket price rise plan, the cost of a train or the long-distance bus tickets will not rise in the near future.

  • The Actuary Qualification Examination Centre has been recently set up in the Mathematics Department of Fudan University by Chinese Insurance Supervision Administration.

  • Shanghai Automobile Industrial (Group) Corp, the largest producer of automobiles in the nation, is working on setting up the first automobile museum of the country. The museum will be located in the Shanghai Automobile Building on Weihai Road.

  • China Eastern Airlines has been issued the ISO9002 certificate by British Standard Association. It is the first Chinese airlines that has gained the passport to the International aviation market.

  • Shanghai Baosteel will develop into the base for line iron and steel products in the next 10 years. It will take the automobile steel, ship steel sheets, stainless steel, electrical steel, petrol steel pipes and construction steels as the six major representatives.

  • A large passenger jet of China Eastern Airlines skidded across the tarmac on landing at Sydney International Airport Wednesday (Nov.1), coming to rest on a grass verge alongside the runway. None was injured in the incident.

  • As the sounds of the Carpenters' "Yesterday Once More" filled the air, the Huating Road market exists no more. The love and hate of Huating Road that has been in the city for 20 years is over as the heavily hyped closing of the Garment Market there concludes at last.

  • At half past nine in the morning of last Wednesday (Oct. 26), Xiao Mingdi, chief doctor of the cardiovascular surgery department, performed the first on-line cardiovascular surgery in Shanghai. The whole procedure was transmitted to

  • The 2nd Shanghai International Industry Fair opens on October 24. Shaanxi Province ranks the second largest exhibitor displaying 30 counters of new high-tech products in the sectors of information technology.



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