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  • Mr. Xu Kuangdi, mayor of Shanghai, visited the on-going exhibition on environmental protection. He pointed out that environmental-protection sector should be one of the main focuses for the city's industrial development.

  • The latest typhoon swept the city, without doing much harm to local residents, although many flights at Pudong International Airport have been postponed. Before it arrived, Mr. Xu Kuangdi, mayor of Shanghai, gave a televised speech to urge the local residents to make necessary preparations for the typhoon.

  • Starting from next year, high-school graduates in the city don't have to prepare for the many subjects as required by the National College Entrance Examination. The city will adopt a "3 plus X" system, that is, students only need to take examinations in Chinese, Mathematics, English and plus one or two other subjects of his/her liking.

  • By the end of this year, about 45,000 households in the city will compete for the first interactive services homes in China.

  • One month has passed since the city's police launched a large-scale inspection over 29,000 clubs from mid-July and early August.

  • The Bank of China International Holding Ltd. will develop its investment banking business in the Chinese mainland when the top financial authorities give the green light, said a senior official with the bank.

  • The local government is now launching a "green sale" project (or non-pollution sale) with the aim to cut down on toxic wastes like plastic packaging, disposable chopsticks, styrofoam lunch boxes and used batteries.

  • The usually steady price of gold ornament in the city slid from US$14.25 to US$13.89 this week as big cities such as Beijing and Nanjing engage in a fierce gold price war.

  • Shanghai Xinhua Distribution Group has proposed anti-piracy treaty that promises its 151 subordinate Xinhua Book Stores won't sell any pirated books, audio-video products or electronic publications.

  • A total of 70,000 trees transplanted from Shanghai's suburban areas and other provinces have taken root along the city's 145 main streets since the local government launched a project to "introduce big trees into Shanghai" in 1998.

  • Shanghai's suburban Songjiang District became the first district in Shanghai to abolish village-run primary schools. Countryside pupils will be sent to central primary schools by ten buses.

  • Local families are not so optimistic about their income in the coming three years, with only 15.6% having an opportunity of increasing their income. The conclusion was made in a survey conducted by the Urban Investigation Team with Shanghai Statistics Bureau, which sampled 3,000 families from 165 neighborhood communities.

  • On August 21, Shanghai Grand Theater became the first among its national peers to be granted the certification of ISO9000, a set of international quality management standards.

  • People's Park, located in the heart of the city, has taken on a new look after its latest four-month reconstruction. The 10-hectare park is now regarded as a "green park" which offers relaxation and fresh air for busy urban residents.

  • Over 1,100 young women entered their names to compete for the 10 airline stewardess positions with Japan Airlines recently in Shanghai.

  • The entrance to Yan'an Lu Tunnel in Pudong will be beautified thanks to a US$845,400 project by Shanghai Tunnel Development CO., Ltd.

  • The four members of the China Super Bookstore Association are now co-operating to set up a standard database which can help them share the latest information on book retailing.

  • Pudong International Airport is preparing for the construction of its second runway to meet the growing demands, said Xiakeqiang, chairman of Shanghai Airport Group.

  • For many local beer drinkers, the name Carlsberg from Denmark may soon vanish from memory. Tsingtao Brewery Co. recently bought a 75% stake of Carls Brewery (Shanghai) Ltd., a significant move that will expand its business in the East China Market.

  • Patients with acute promyelocytic leukaemia, a kind of blood cancer, can be cured now, thanks to the latest successful research on APL-related genes made by experts in Shanghai.

  • A total of 639 immigrants in 150 families from Yunyang County of Chongqing Municipality arrived at Shanghai's island county of Chongming on August 17.

  • The meaning of carvings on 1,200 bamboo strips believed to be over 2,000 years old has been recently decoded by experts after three years of research with the help of high tech.

  • Poverty-stricken women in Shanghai now can get free legal aid through Shanghai Women's Legal Aid Center which opened to the public last week.

  • Study of foreign languages for residents to use during the APEC conference, to be held here in October next year, is being stimulated by a second language competition now underway.



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