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Suburban Historic Sites

To many people,Shanghai is just a modern city with a history of about two hundred years. However, as you open the regional historical record, you will be surprised that it has been over 6,000 yeas since the rise of the landmass of Shanghai. While most of the landmasses of Jiading, Qingpu and Songjiang in the western part of the city occurred much earlier, Shanghai is a well-known historical and cultural city with an abundance of human resources,among which there are numerous outstanding historic sites. They are scattered throughout Jiading County, Qingpu County, Songjiang County, etc.

If you have visited the attractions in the city proper, you may be longing to be away from the bustling streets and see things more natural and countrified. The suburb emerges as the right place for sightseeing or relaxation.

We now recommend you a tour of each of the following attractions:

In Jiading Country:

  • Confucian Temple of Song Dynasty
  • Garden of Autumn Clouds of Ming Dynasty
  • Garden of Ancient Splendour of Ming Dynasty

    In Qingpu County:

  • An Ancient Town
  • The Grand View Gardens

    In Songjiang County:

  • Toroni Sutra Stela of Tang Dynasty
  • Square Pagoda of Song Dynasty
  • Leaning Pagoda of Song Dynasty
  • Pond of the Drunken Poet Li Bai of Qing Dynasty
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