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Grand Mansions---a collection of architectural beauties. These big mansions of grandeur and splendour have made a record of the history of building up family fame and fortunes, but now the colours of their walls have been fading, which indicates thr vicissitudes in life through several generations. One thing that offers consolation to the visitors is that they can still feast on the different structural features and the architectural beauty as well.

Longhua Temple---the biggest and oldest temple in Shanghai. Its main hall and all other halls are stately and splendidly structured. The chiming of "Longhua Bell" in the monastery is one of Shanghai's eight tourist attractions. The Longhua Pagoda is equally an imposing and splendid structure---with seven storeys, in octagonal shape, with upturned eaves, and the hanging bells on the eaves' corners.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower---one of the highest towers in the world, stands erect on the other side of Huangpu River facing the Bund. Every visitor will invariably be overwhelmed by its serenity and grandeur. The glittering light on the top sparkles at night, radiating rays of hope to everyone who views it.

People's Plaza--- the center of the city of Shanghai, is a square where no tourist forgets to visit. Dotted with flower beds where flowers of various kinds and of all seasons, the plaza is brimming with vigor and vitality. Swift dancers follow the rhythmical beat of the music fountain in front of the City Hall; children express their love for animals by feeding hopping pigeons with corn; families of three stroll along the winding lanes enjoying familial harmony and love; Shanghai Museum, surrounded by greenery, attracts thousands of history-lovers daily...

Pudong New Area---the pioneer of China's reform and market economy, is developing with unrivalled momentum. Within its boundary, the four development zones such as Lujiazui are leading the country in the development of finance, banking, real estate,etc. With its economic strides, hundreds of high-rise buildings are springing up; streets lined with shady trees are constructed; infrastructure is being improved...

Yu Fo Temple---namely Jade Buddha Temple, is the most famous Buddhist temple in Shanghai. It houses a 1.9-metre-tall jade statue of Buddha carved out of a single piece jade whose color is lustrously and spotlessly white. The look of the the figure is dignified with a kind face. Besides, this rare treasure in the world, there is another jade Buddha statue in a reclined position.

Yu Yuan Garden---the most famous ancient structure in Shanghai, attracts millions of tourists both at home and abroad every year. Its exquisite layout, beautiful scenery, and the artistic style of the garden architecture are where the charm of Yu Yuan lies. At the same time, Yu Yuan Garden is often frequented by shoppers who want to purchase traditional Chinese products as well as gold and jewels.

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