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Treasure-hunting in Shanghai

Shanghai abounds in antiques because of its importance as the largest city in the most populous oriental country. When tourists come to Shanghai, they always want something old or ancient which will remind them of their delightful trip to China later in their life.

In order to let you find what you crave more easily, we provide you with the following list of Shanghai's best-known flea markets and antique stores:

Chuangxin Antique Store: At the junction of Huaihai Road and Changshu Road, it used to be called Jinmen(Golden Gate) and was quite famous in the 50s. It sells qaulity leather goods, clocks and watches, and ornaments.

Dongtai Antique Market---There are about 200 stalls, operated by private traders. They are open all day and sell antique ceramic, stone, padauk and gold ornaments. They also sell flowers, birds, fish and insects such as crickets. Staff from Shanghai's foreign embassies are known to frequent this market. Owners of Shanghai's largest antique stores also visit this market to augment their stock.

Fuyou Road---The Kua Ji Road Flea Market attract crowds of amateur collectors every Sunday morning on the lookout for a wide variety of objects such as paintings and calligraphy, pottery and all sorts of curios. Auction sales are held at Shanghai's two newly reopened auction houses, but better bargains may well be found in the street market, where haggling is the order of the day.

Huabao Building Basement Market---It is in Shanghai's old town, namely God's Temple. Now it is the biggest indoors antique market in Shanghai because of its management area and the variety of goods.

Shanghai Antiques & Corios Store(No.194-226 Guangdong Road), Antiques & Curios Branch of Shanghai Friendship Store(No.694 Nanjing West Road), Antique Section of Friendship Store(F/5 40 Beiling East Road: These three are the oldest antique shops in Shanghai. They offer the best and the most complete range of antiques in the city. Unlike the flea markets, they mainly cater for overseas visitors and only accept FEC.

Shanxi Antique Store: At the junction of Shanxi West Road and Yan'an Road, it caters mainly for foreign customers and sells porcelain ornaments, antique clocks and watches, and artifacts.

Weixin Antique Store: it is situated at Jinling East Road and is Shanghai's largest shop selling antique clocks and watches from China as well as of foreign make. Most of its best timepieces were once owned by the wealthy people in the old-day Shanghai.

Xiangshen Store: It is situated in 73 Shaanxi South Road. It sells antique clocks and watches, and cameras.

Xinguang Optical Instrument Store: At the junction of Huaihai Middle Road and Yandang Road, this is also an old shop(formerly called Wanjing), in fact the city's most famous shop specializing in both old and new optical instruments and second-hand instruments. Its staff are also among the very few people in Shanghai who can repair old cameras. It sold only modern products for a while after changing its name to the present Xinguang, but recently resumed dealing in old and antique optical instruments.

Zhonghua Xin Road--- These are all private traders with no fixed stalls. They are open all day, selling antiques, hardwares, electrical appliances, bicycle parts,etc. Though the largest market in Shanghai, it mainly handles everyday items. But there is possibility that something special may be found among the bric-a-brac.

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