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Qingpu District

Qingpu District, the pearl of the western Shanghai, has 12 towns and 1 industrial zone with Qingpu Town as the political, economic and cultural center and the location of Qingpu government. Qinglpu District is famous for its long history and beautiful scenery. Beside Dianshan Lake stands Dianshan Lake Tourism Resort, which is rich in the historic sites such as the ancient pagoda of the Tang Dynasty, the ancient bridge of the Song Dynasty, the ancient temple of the Ming Dynasty and the ancient town of the Qing Dynasty. In addition, there are other scenic spots such as Daguanyuan Garden, Zhujiajiao Town, Qushui Garden and the former residence of Chenyun and so on.

  • Qingpu Orient Oasis

    Located at 6888 Huqingping Road near Dianshan Lake, The Orient Oasis is the biggest ecological tourism resort in Shanghai with a covering of 5,600 mus. There is evergreen grassland of 170,000 square meters and 110,000 trees and over 400 flowers of various species. Besides, it has famous gardens such as Qiuzhi Island, the Moon Bay and Fisherman Wharf and constructions of various styles such as Knowledge Avenue and Earth Square. It has been a marked symbol of city culture, city civilization and city sprit of Shanghai.

  • Zhujiajiao

    Lies about 6 kilometers away from Qingpu Town with an area of 1.25 square kilometers and a population of 12,108, Zhujiaojiao is a famous Chinese cultural town and formely known as Zhuxi Town and Zhujiege. It was called Zhujia Village that was formed in the period of Wan Li of the Ming Dynasty and became a big thriving town at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China. There are 30 bridges now in the town today. Fangsheng Bridge, built in the period under reign of Wan Li of the Ming Dynasty, is 70.8 meters long and 5.8 meters wide. It is the biggest five-arched stone bridge in Shanghai and acknowledged as the first of the top ten scenic spots of Zhujiajiao. The prosperous business center, which is centered by Beida Street, Daxin Street and Caohe Street, was praised as ¡° a 3-li long street crowded with (thousands of) stores¡± in the old times. In the northwest of the town there are constructions such as Wangyue Building, Wujiao Pavilion and Xiaoyao Chamber and so on.

  • Daguanyuan Garden

    Located at 701 Qingshang Road on the east bank of Dianshan Lake, Daguanyuan Garden consists of two areas -- a big modern garden and pseudo-classic constructions. The west section covers 9 hectares with classic architectures of 8,000 square meters built according to ¡°Dream of the Red Chamber¡± and there are more than 20 buildings magnificently decorated such as Daguan Lou, Yihong Yuan, Xiaoxiang Guan and Hengwu Yuan and so on. The main scenic attractions are Shanghai Nationality Culture Village, Plums Garden and Sweet-scented Osmanthuses Garden in the east section, which has 340,000 trees covering 100 hectares.

  • Dianshan Lake Scenic Resort

    Located to the west of the Dianshan Lake, Dianshan Lake Scenic Resort is a beautiful resort 20 kilometers away from Qingpu Town. Inside there is a Daguanyuan (great showplace) Garden Tourism Area of 1,300 mus, a water playground and a camp for teenagers. Baoguo Temple will be built based on the Guanwang Temple of the Ming Dynasty in Dianfeng Village as a branch temple of the biggest temple in the county¡ªShanghai Jade Buddhist Temple.

  • Qushui Garden

    Lies at 612 Gongyuan Road in Qingpu County, Qushui Garden is one of the five ancient gardens in Shanghai (the other four are Yuyuan Garden, Guyi Garden, Qiuxia Pu Garden and Zuibai Pond Garden). It was built in the 10th year under reign of Qian Long of the Qing Dynasty and formerly known as Lingyuan Garden. In the south of the garden are constructions such as Ninghe Hall and Huashen Temple, while the north is embraced by exquisite rockeries and unique stones. In the center is the water lily pond around which constructions are built such as Yingxi Pavilion and Xicun Bridge.

  • Shanghai Folk Culture Village

    To Dingshan Lake in the east and Daguanyuan Garden in the west, Shanghai Folk Culture Village lies in Qingpu District with a site area of 300 mus. It was built in 1996 and acknowledged as ¡°a beautiful new scenic spot of Shanghai¡± in 1997. Distinctive folk styles and features of over ten nationalities, including the Mosuo people, can be found in the village.

  • Songze Ancient Culture Site

    Located in Songze Village five kilometers away from the city of Qingpu County, Songze Ancient Cuture Site is the oldest one in Shanghai with a long history of about five or six thousand years. The upper floor is tawny and the pottery pieces, porcelain wares, stone wares and bronzes unearthed are works of the late period of the Western Zhou Dynasty (c. 11th century¡ª771 B.C.) and the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 B.C.). The taupe middle floor is a public burial ground and there are two graves in which children were buried with middle-aged women (the way of the matriarchy). The lowest floor is dusty blue and there sees cellars and utensils as well as the grains that show the farmers of the district planted rice about 6,000 years ago.

  • Sun Island International Tourist Resort

    Sun Island International Tourist Resort is located at 2588 Shentai Road in Qingpu District. It was originally the Center of Maohu Lake on which a five-storery Mao Pagoda of brick-and-stone structure and Chengzhaota Temple were built by a monk named Ruhai in the Tang Dynasty. Inside the modern resort set up in 1993 there are amusement facilities such as a high-grade golf course, a bowling alley and water paradise and so on.


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