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Putuo District

Lies in the center of Shanghai City, Putuo District covers 55 square kilometers with a registered population of 1,050,000. It is not only the cradle of modern Shanghai industry but also a new thriving business center and commodity center of Shanghai. The only silver spot transactions center of China is located in the district, which enjoy convenient transportation with Shanghai-Jiaxing Highway and Shanghai-Ningbo Highway as well as State Highway 204 and State Highway 312. It is 8-minute-driving away from Hongqiao Airport and 15-minute-driving away from Zhangjiabang Container Terminal. The famous Jade Buddha Temple, Zhenru Temple and the Western Shanghai Mosque are located in the district, which is also the location of the biggest landscape park in Shanghai City¡ªChangfeng Park and the biggest aquarium in the eastern China¡ªthe Ocean Floor World. What¡¯s more, there are over ten universities and research institutes in the district.

  • Zhenru Temple

    Zhenru Temple, one of the four ancient Buddha temples of Shanghai, is located at 5 Houshanmen Road in Zhenru Town of Putuo District. It was set up in the period of Jia Ding of the Southern Song Dynasty as ¡°Wanshou (longevity) Temple¡± and was renamed Zhenru Temple after the reconstruction in 1320 (the 7th year under reign of Yan You of the Yuan Dynasty). It is one of the rare Buddha temples built in the Yuan Dynasty preserved in China and the hall and the ancient pagoda are of great value.

  • Jade Buddha Temple

    During the period of Guang Xu in the Qing Dynasty, a monk named Huigen who brought five jade Buddha statues from Burma left a jade statue of Sakymuni and a reclining Buddha statue in Shanghai on his way back to Putuoshan of Zhejiang. He collected money to build a temple for the disciples to worship Buddha and the Jade Buddha Temple was built in 1882 (the 8th year under reign of Guang Xu in the Qing Dynasty). It is famous for the jade Buddha statue which is pure white and elegant. The temple was damaged in the war and reconstructed in 1918 under the style of the constructions of the Song Dynasty at 170 Anyuan Road where it stands today. The main constructions are Grand Hall, the Hall of Heavenly Kings, Reclining Buddha Hall and Jade Buddha Chamber. More than 7,000 volumes of Buddha sutra including the complete works of Dacang Sutra engraved in the Qing Dynasty and other Buddha sutras are stored in the temple. Shanghai Buddhism Institute is also located in the temple.


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