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Jing'an District

Lies in the center of Shanghai City, Jing'an District has an area of 7.62 km2and is famous for Jing'an Temple, a well-known ancient monastery in Shanghai. It consists of five neighborhoods of Jing'an Temple, Caojia Ferry, Jiangning Road, No.2 Shimen Road and West Nanjing Road. Jing'an District is one of the most flourishing areas in Shanghai with a combination of business, tour, entertainment and culture components.

  • Jing'an Temple

    Jing'an Temple was built in 242 A.D. (in the Three Kingdoms Period) and removed to the site where it stands today in 1216 (the 9th year under reign of Jia Ding of the Southern Song Dynasty). The temple was reconstructed after the Yuan Dynasty but all the constructions were damaged except the Grand Buddha Hall in the period of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (1851-1864). The Three Saints Hall was set up in 1921 in the temple that was refit in 1999. In addition to the memorial hall, Grand Hall, the Hall of Heavenly Kings, there are some precious historic relics such as the stele engraved with Zhao Gou's (Emperor Song Gaozong of the Southern Song Dynasty) inscription and a big bell made in the 2nd year under reign of Hong Wu of the Ming Dynasty. A fair held on the 8th of April of lunar calendar lasts for three days each year in Jing'an Temple that stands at 1686 West Nanjing Road. It is Jing'an Temple--the famous ancient monastery¡ª that brings the name and fame to Jing'an District.

  • Shanghai Yuanming Buddhist Rites Hall

    Located at 434 West Yan'an Road in the center of Shanghai City, Shanghai Yuanming Buddhist Rites Hall was established in the autumn of 1934 by Master Yuanying, the fist president of Chinese Buddhism Association. In 1940 Yuanming Fashi Society was set up to expound texts of Buddhism and Lianchi Nianfou (pray to Buddha) Society was founded soon after that. In 1945 a Buddhism institute was established to cultivate Buddhism intellectuals. On 19th September in 1953, Master Yuanying died and according to his will his disciple Master Mingyang began to take charge of the Buddhist Rites Hall. The memorial of Mater Yuanying and Jade Buddha Hall were built in summer of 1983 the year when Shanghai Yuanming Buddhist Rites Hall was acknowledged as one of the key temples in the settlement of the Hans. It was in September of 1988 that it is returned to normal as a grand Buddhist Rite place with modern facilities and many halls such as Kwan-yin Hall and Buddha Hall being constructed inside. The cultural relics room was constructed in 1994 and at the end of 1999 the five-storey Hongfa Building was set up with a site area of 497.4 square meters and a floor area of 2,399.6 square meters. The Buddhism institute was resumed at the end of 1997 and merged into Hualin Buddhism Institute with Longhua Temple at the beginning of 2000.

  • Huaien Hall

    Set up in 1920, Huaien Hall was located on North Sichuan Road and removed to 375 North Shaanxi Road in 1942. It is a two-storey brick building with a hall of 1,700 seats inside and a bell tower stands on the southeast.


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