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Chongming County

Chongming Island is the third biggest island in China (smaller than Taiwan Island and Hainan Island) with an area of 1,225km2 and a history of more than 1,300 years. Two islands¡ªthe East Sand and the West Sand ¨Ccame into form in 618-626 A.D. (in the period of Wu De of the Tang Dynasty), and they have been inhabited since 696 A.D. (the 1st year under reign of Tong Tian of the Tang Dynasty). In late the Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, the two islands were joined into a big one and a town named Chongming was set up on the West Sand in early the Five Eras. It was not until on 1st, December 1958 that Chongming became a county of Shanghai. Chongming has successfully held six forestry tourism festivals and was acknowledged as the first state model ecological zone of Shanghai by State Environment Protection Bureau in 2001.

  • Shouan Temple

    Standing to the south of the Jin¡¯ao Mountain, Shouan Temple is the oldest ancient monastery built in Chongming. It was set up in 1241(the 2nd year in the period of Chun You of the Song Dynasty) and damaged later and the present temple was constructed in 1983. Inside the temple are the Grand Hall, the Hall of the Heavenly Kings and 16 Buddha statues. On the 2nd floor of the west wing-room is a 6-meter-long jade reclining Buddha that weighs 13 tons and is acknowledged as the biggest one in Shanghai.

  • The Jin¡¯ao Moutain

    Lies in Ao Mountain Village of Houjia Town, the Jin¡¯ao Mountain is topped by Zhenhai Pagoda, which was built in 1893 (the 19th year under reign of Guang Xu in the Qing Dynasty) and reconstructed in 1986. The 9-storey pagoda is the most famous scenic spot on the mountain with 6 small Bodhisattva statues on each floor. The constructions such as Qingyuan Hall, Kwan-yin Pavilion and Deyue Bridge contribute to the beautifulness of the mountain.

  • Hanshan Temple

    Located at 21 Dongmen Road in the city of Chongming, Hanshan Temple has an area of 7,000m2 with 32 rooms and has a long history of about 400 years. It is said that in the 4th year of under reign of Tian Qi of the Ming Dynasty, a Madame surnamed with Zhu came to Chongming by boat where she had her hair cut and became a nun named Dianxiu and built Hanshan Temple with two statues named Hanshan and Shide worshiped in it. Same with the Hanshan Temple in Suzhou in titles and Buddha statues esteemed, the lines that have similar melodic beauty with the lines written for the Hanshan Temple of Suzhou cherish the Hanshan Temple in Chongming.

  • Dongping State Forestry Park

    Situated in the north of Chongming Island, Dongping State Forestry Park is the biggest plain artificial forest in the eastern China with an area of 3.55km2. It was built in 1959 and formerly known as Dongping Foresty Center and it has been the biggest forestry park in shanghai after more than 40 years¡¯ development. Regarded as one of the top ten new scenic spots of Shanghai, the park is full of service facilities such as the crab-shaped multimedia conference center, forestry bar, race court, amusement park, villas and so on

  • Danyuan Garden

    Danyuan Garden, the pearl of Chongming Island, stands at the joint of Beimen Road and Dongmen Road with many constructions built under the ancient styles.

  • Chongming Palace of Learning

    Located at 696 Ao Moutain Road, Chongming Palace of Learning is one of the three palaces of learning preserved in Shanghai. Dacheng Hall, the biggest construction in the palace, was built under the style of Grand Hall of temples and served as the place to commemorate Confucius. The palace is also the site of Chongming Museum in which the history and culture of Chongming can be learned by seeing the exhibits of the ¡°Nature¡±, the ¡°Stored Items¡± and the ¡°Forming and Development of Chongming¡±. The Ancient Ships Exhibition Hall and Congming Customs Exhibition Hall are also there.


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