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Baoshan District

Baoshan District stretches 56.15kms from the west to the east and 23.08kms from the north to the south with a covering of 424.56km2 in the north of Shanghai. It stands as the gate of Shanghai on the sea for it lies in the meeting site of Yangtze River and Huangpu River. It is the biggest container base for the three container docks in the district contributes the 70% of the throughput of the Shanghai Port. It enjoys a convenient transportation and it is 10-minute driving away from Shanghai Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and 20 minutes driving away from Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Bsoshan New City, a relatively independent dwelling of middle and high grade, is being constructed in the district and it consists of two parts¡ªEast and West New City. In addition, the newly built Shanghai University City based on Shanghai University will be made into a university city installed with full facilities, embraced by good environment and embedded with rich cultural atmosphere. The district government lays emphasis on the environment protection when applying construction in the district and aims to enhance it into an ecological dwelling in Shanghai. Baoshan District is rich in soil and it fits to cultivate various agricultural plants. Changxing Island, which is famous for its clean soil, clear water and fresh air, is an excellent site for developing green foods.

  • Friendship Park

    Located at 555 Mishan Road, Friendship Park is also called as Memorial of Songhu Fight, which was against Japanese invasion in 1930¡¯s. There is a seven-storey pagoda standing besides the river close to the gate of the park and many precious photos and scripts are displayed in it and so it is the site for the Shanghai Youth to receive patriotic education.

  • Linjiang Park

    In memory of Chen Huacheng, a prefect of the Qing Dynasty who died in his brave fighting in the Opium War, Chen Huacheng Memorial was built in Linjiang Park at 1 on Youyi Road. In addition to the statue of Chen standing on the lawn in the west of the part, there is a cannon titled as ¡°conquering general¡± and some arms and armors used by Chen being displayed there.

  • Navy Museum in Shanghai

    It is in the Wusong naval port at 68 Tanghou Road and there are several showing sections displaying the developing histories of Chinese Navy and the East China Sea Navy, as well as the World Navy equipment and world ocean miracles.

    Firing practice is offered in the rooms. The museum is a site for Shanghai Youth to receive patriotic education.

  • Changxing Island and Hengsha Island

    Changxing Island and Hengsha Island lie between Congming Island and Pudong New District and belong to Baoshan District. Changxing Island is Closer to the center of Shanghai City and enjoys the reputation as ¡°Longevity Island¡±, ¡°Clean Island¡± and ¡°the Hometown of Oranges¡±. In addition to bamboos and oranges there is a water entertainment place called Hawaii on the east of Hengsha Island. The two islands are good holiday resorts for people to enjoy the most beautiful environment in Shanghai.


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