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The performance of national matrimonial costume in 1930s. -- (537X456 pixel)

In the middle of 1930s, Hong Xiang Company held a national fashion exhibition in Paramount Ball Room. -- (534X368 pixel)

The woman style fox fur coat in 1930s. -- (162X294 pixel)

The illustration shows the woman's dresses in 1930s. -- (540X413 pixel)

The change of modern man's formal attire was not so apparent, up to 1940s of the 20th century still followed the traditional long gown and waist coat style. -- (218X282 pixel)

During the 1930s, some elderly men of Shanghai began to put on the western costume when they got along with the foreigners. -- (525X382 pixel)

The Zhongshan costume was formed from the change of Japanese student's costume, it was named because Dr. sun Yat Sen was fond of dressing this style. After the Revolution of 1911, the Zhongshan costume became the typical Chinese modern costume. The illustration shows the Zhongshan costume dressed by Dr. Sun Yat Sen. -- (216X312 pixel)

In 1941, Shanghai launched the activities of Miss China competition, totally 10 beauties were selected out, among them 3 were Chinese, 7 were foreigners. The illustration shows the group photo of the nominees. -- (541X310 pixel)

In the middle of 1930s, the short sleeve Qi Pao made by the western imported flocking material. -- (255X298 pixel)

The Chinese style dress Qi Pao was originally the dress of Manchurian woman, up to 1930s of the 20th century was reformed to a kind of woman's costume with "Shanghai school" style. The illustration shows the change of the styles of Qi Pao from 1920s to 1930s. -- (538X731 pixel)

The calendar brand "knitting thread ball" drawn by Hang Zhiying. -- (312X461 pixel)

The reels of thread for sewing in the past. -- (266X178 pixel)

Weaving the knitting wool and woolen sweater were the current tide of many women chasing beauty. -- (261X231 pixel)

A corner if modern fashion shop in 1950s. -- (540X421 pixel)

The diligence and thriftiness are the virtue of woman in 1950s, many beautiful children's dresses were tailored by their mothers personally. -- (277X283 pixel)

The gorgeous dress of Shanghai young girls in 1950s. -- (537X386 pixel)

The dress of Shanghai people was thrifty and generous in 1970s. -- (357X238 pixel)

In 1990s many international fashion and culture festivals were held in Shanghai. The illustration shows the group photo of prize winners of international fashion model competition in 1997s. -- (545X391 pixel)

The performance of model hair style. -- (225X301 pixel)

In 1990s, the dresses of Shanghai people were colorful and in riotous profusion, tried the best to show their beauty with various changes of style. The illustration shows a set of street fashion.


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