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The woman's dress in the 1920s of the 20th century. The collar, sleeve, lower part and skirt are quite different with 10 years ago. -- (229X311 pixel)

After the opening, Shanghai gradually becomes the center of Chinese current fashion. The illustration shows the dress from of woman at the end of Qing Dynasty. -- (510X609 pixel)

The boy's dress at the end of Qing Dynasty. -- (538X423 pixel)

At the beginning of the Republic of China, the costume of woman still kept the style of cloth in the upper part and skirt in the lower part. -- (485X736 pixel)

Suzhou & Guangzhou style cloth-making shop. -- (182X217 pixel)

The illustration shows the local old tailor setting up the pedlar to make clothes at the entrance of the lane. -- (345X270 pixel)

The illustration shows the salesman of American Singer Sewing Machine Company was carrying the circulate propaganda of the new method of making dress in 1920s. -- (384X411 pixel)

The big sleeve woman's short coat with buttons down the front tailored in Emperor Tong Zhi of Qing Dynasty adopted the imported red color wool fabrics as material, fitted with Shanghai folk embroidered technology and fine processing. -- (418X314 pixel)

The woman style jacket at the beginning of 1920s. -- (414X228 pixel)

The roll over skirt at the beginning of 1920s. -- (229X285 pixel)

In the Song Dynasty, began to appear the custom of foot-binding among women, as in the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the foot-binding trend became popular gradually, and was abolished in 1920s. The illustration shows the embroidered arc shaped shoes put on by the foot-binding women. -- (388X216 pixel)

The embroidered tiger head shoe put on by the small children. -- (390X220 pixel)

In the modern times, the formal hat was more grave in the man's hat, besides also put on the melon peel small hat, spring and autumn duck's tongue hat, summer straw hat, winter anti-wing hat and Russian hat. -- (359X225 pixel)

From the end of Emperor Guang Xu in the Qing Dynasty to the beginning of Republic of China, there were various woman's coiffures, the young woman took the "front bang" style. In 1920s the cut-hair was very popular, and used ribbon band or hoop to bind the hair. Beginning from 1930s woman began to curl the hair. The illustration shows the popular "full sky stars" short front band at the beginning of the Republic of China. -- (358X419 pixel)

The woman's hair bun style in 1920s. -- (195X260 pixel)

The hair bun styles of different women. -- (314X245 pixel)

The dress form of one family of Shanghai in the middle period of 1920s. --(538X375 pixel)

The children's costumes in 1930s. -- (349X291 pixel)

The make-up of female student at the beginning of 1920s. -- (533X447 pixel)


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