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In 1864, the earliest food market of Shanghai was established. The illustration shows at the end of Qing Dynasty, Sanjiaodi food market was set up in Hongkou. It was the biggest large-scaled food market at that time.

The family wife took a rickshaw to go to the street buying the food. The photo was taken in 1930.

The Nanjing Road Food Market with inside and outside booming transaction at the end of Qing Dynasty.

The countryman brought the geese and ducks to sell inside Chengxian.

In 1930, four storied with certain scaled Fuzhou Road Food Market was contructed and opened. The photo was taken in 1930.

The "Beancurd" pedlar in 1930s.

A street hawker at the end of Qing Dynasty.

The illustration shows the "camel" shoulder pole specially selling the sweet porridge and "hundun" (a Chinese refreshment).

The Hu Xin Pavilion Tea House in 1784 was reconstructed to be a tea room in 1855. It's the most famous old tea house in Shanghai. The illustration shows the scene of Hu Xin Pavilion Tea House at the beginning of the 20th century.

Shanghai famous "Qing Lian Ge Tea House" in the early times sold tea in the front building and opium in the back building, it's very booming. The illustration shows the wooden carved painting "Shanghai Qing Lian Ge Tea House & opium Hall" of Fei Ying Ge. This house was built at the end of Qing Dynasty.

After several times of repair and renovation, the antique Hu Xin Pavilion Tea House was more fascinating, even the foreigners used to come here drinking the tea and having amusement by its famous shop sign.

The Quan An Tea House was situated in Nanjing Road, Shanghai at the end of Qing Dynasty.

The street fruits pedlar in 1930s.

The street tea pedlar in 1930s.

Beginning from 1994, the raw and fresh food entered in the supermarket, it's more convenient for the Shanghai people to buy the food.

The national food market in 1950s.

The country dining hall in 1950s.

It's a special taste taking the fast food in the construction site of Jin Mao Mansion several hundred meters high from the ground.

The ocean sailors wandering far away find their feeling of homeland in the German bar of Hotel Sofitels Hyland.

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