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Famous dishes in Shanghai

Soups--Stewed Delicacies in Tureens

Ingredients: 1 slice of pilose antler, deer's tail, venison, water-expanded shark's fin, water-expanded sea cucumber, turtle skirts, fish tripes, water-expanded fish lips, dried scallops, chicken, ginseng, ham, bamboo shoots, quail eggs, Chinese wolfberries, coriander leaves, high stock, Shaoxing wine, chives, ginger, refined salt

Recipe: expand the materials above in water and make figure cuts on them. Scald them in boiling water. Beat the quail eggs in a mould and dust on some ham. Steam the coriander leaves till done and knife into square-shaped pieces. Put the materials in the tureens one by one. Put chives, ginger, high stock and Shaoxing wine in the tureens. Put the tureens (covered) in a big container and bring to a boil with a medium fire. Stew for 5 hours over a weak fire. Remove the chives, ginger and foam and put in salt, Shaoxing wine and quail egg pieces. Simmer for 10 minutes.

Recommended restaurant:Rainbow Hotel

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