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Soups--Peppery-Hot Soup

Ingredients: 100g soybean sprouts, 100g dried blood of chicken and duck, 100g beef slices, 100g snakehead slices, 100g eel slices, 75g duck tongues, 150g lettuce, 100g red pepper, dried pepper, prickly ash grains, broad bean sauce, chili sauce, chicken broth, salt, gourmet powder


  1. Remove the roots from the soybean sprouts. Slice the dried blood of the chicken and duck. Coat the beef slices, snakehead slices, eel slices and duck tongues with a paste and let pickle. Knife the lettuce into pieces and red peppers into rhombic pieces. Make a peppery-hot soup with the seasonings above.
  2. Scald the ingredients prepared above in turn in the boiling water over a strong fire. Put them in a tureen and pour the soup (made in 1) to cover them. Put chili oil in the wok and saut¨¦ red pepper slices in it. Put the red pepper pieces in the tureen and serve.

Recommended restaurant:Yun Du Restaurant

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